Dreaming about ghosts,Dreaming about ghosts

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Dreaming about ghosts is sometimes a sign of weakness.

It is generally believed that the ghost of an acquaintance may indicate that the person has not finished speaking or has not finished explaining.

Dreaming about the ghost of a stranger may mean that he has a ghost in his heart, or that he is deeply guilty of the bad things he has done in the past.

Dream that he has become a ghost, may be a sign of improved fortunes, or the arrival of wealth.

When you dream about your father's ghost, you should be very careful and pay attention to safety. This kind of dream reminds you that you may be in danger.

Dreaming about the ghost of a friend in the world, maybe your friend is not very pleasant, which makes you have a lot of complaints in your heart.

Dream about ghosts talking to you, indicates that you may be controlled by others, women do such a dream, but also that they will be widowed or cheated.

If you dream about a ghost or fire, you may encounter disaster. Be careful.