Dream is urine to the body

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dream be urine to the body, easy to be stabbed by the words of others, you seem to have no confidence in yourself too. If you still care about, just as much as possible with yesterday the same action way more insurance. Eyestrain suggests, please check whether there is a picture frame glasses go situation, evening also try to let your eyes rest for a long time to sleep. In hand ready to cash out on the edge, on the body not to spend, have raise money luck mean oh.

going out people dreamed of urine to the body, Suggestions on standby, later go out is better.

pregnant women dream is urine to the body, predicted was born female, winter of a boy, don't move TaiQi.

people dreamed of being in love the urine to the body, age gap is big, and your breath, it is difficult to make love.

benmingnian person dreamed about the urine to the body, heralding the perseverance, don't be calm, doing things will be smooth.

people dreamed of doing business is urine to the body, on behalf of have gain fame, money and care.

dream be urine to related dream

dreamt he pee, is good omen, life will be happy.

dream urinate, has warned in love. You will fall in love with age is much bigger than you. The other no attention to you, you feel very happy. Maybe you love is the love itself.

dream to urinate, generally because of the physiological really want to urinate, if often dreamed this dream also said that the bladder has a problem, need to go to a doctor quickly. And if the dream of urine stick to the skin, says there will be unexpected earnings.

dream be urine to a net friend of dream

the net friend dreams: dreamed that a group of students, soybean oil, and then I took a bucket of soybean oil, and later, and then have a toad pee

duke of zhou interprets: toad looks sick, but in ancient times has always been a symbol of longevity and good luck. The ancients also use "toad hall won" to describe the reader service. Dreamed that the toad that you will longevity and health, a successful career.