Dream about rabbit ,Dreaming about white rabbits

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What does it mean to dream about a rabbit? How about dreaming of rabbits? Dreaming that rabbits have real influence and reaction.

The rabbit is fast, bouncy and has the meaning of "liar" in his dreams. Additional, domestic rabbit energy is superfluous, fecundity is exuberant, also express the desire that bears sometimes in the dream.

To dream about  a rabbit hopping about is to be lucky or to have the desire to have children.

Dreaming about  white rabbits is a sign that you may be reunited with old friends.

Holding a rabbit in your arms is a good indicator of your financial well-being.

Dream about  holding a white rabbit, or catch a white rabbit, heralding a visitor, or will meet their lifelong love, Mr. Right.

A woman dreams of holding a rabbit in her arms, or catching a rabbit on the road, to show that you can cheat and help your husband earn a lot of money and become the cash cow at home.

Dreams about  rabbits giving birth to rabbits are a sign of prosperity and possible windfall.

Dream about  rabbits have long ears, run fast, that you have a high level of vigilance to the dangers in life, in order to live sometimes have to deceive the way to protect themselves.

Dream rabbit comes to oneself side, this is the omen that is deceived, remind you to want to beware fraud and fraud, avoid money loss.

Dream oneself raise a rabbit, also be to remind you to be discreet, careful to have enemy to set trap.

Dreaming about  a rabbit struggling to escape the rabbit warren may indicate a desire to break away from the group or organization, but not being able to do so.

Dream yourself with a hound chasing a rabbit, that you can escape from the liar's trap, the liar can do nothing to you.

Dreaming about rabbits being chased by other animals is a sign that your work or life situation may not be as secure as it appears, such as that you have a desire to quit your job, or that an employee or loved one wants to leave you.

Dreams about  capturing rabbits are a sign of good things to come.

Dreams about  chasing rabbits with stones or sticks are a good sign that you can convince your colleagues or clients to move forward on your current project.

A dream about  shooting a rabbit is a sign that you may lose your financial resources.

For doctors and lab workers, it's a good idea to dream about experiments with rabbits, but for others, it's a good idea not to drive yourself when you're out recently.

Dream about   rabbit is running on the plain, adumbrative your love luck is very good, sexual encounter happens in place such as fast-food restaurant, bookshop more.

Dream about   rabbit in the sky, heralding your official prosperity, riches and honour threatening.

Dream about  rabbit suddenly become a lion or other beast, indicating the progress of things, will appear like-minded people, promote the successful realization of the goal.