Dream about fish in a river or pond

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What does it mean to dream about fish in a river or pond? How about dreaming about fish in rivers or ponds? Dreaming about fish in a river or pond has realistic effects and reactions.

Dream about  fish in a river or pond

Dream about  fish swimming in the river or pond, because of the high status of the promotion, stable status, doing things smoothly.

Dream about  small fragrant fish swimming in the water, the patient will heal.

To dream about  swimming with fish is to avoid disaster.

Dream about  a fish in the river that your fortune between people have different income, do not pay too much attention to these, or bring disaster.

Unmarried men and women dream that there are fish in the river. You everywhere peach blossom quite many, but how to distinguish love and friendship let you have a headache.

Married dream about the river where there are fish to carefully grasp and between the opposite sex friendship scale, cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

A man dreams about  fishing in a river.

A woman dreams of fishing in the river, will depend on a rich husband, will live happily, will inherit the property of relatives.

Dream about someone fishing in the river, there will be a stir in the recent things happened.

Dream about  the fish in the river, means that your work will be everywhere in Taipei, struggling, escape demotion doom, as another job as early as possible.

Dreaming about fish swimming in a pond is a sign that you are about to gain wealth and power, or that you are in a good mood or situation, or that you may have an unexpected income or status boost.

Dream about  see the river catch fish, you will depend on their ability and extraordinary courage to get their own wealth.

If you catch a fish in your dream, you will be successful. The bigger the fish, the more successful you will be.

Dream about  fish in a river or pond, and the stock market suggests hovering in a weak state.