what is the meaning of snake in dream

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Snake dream is a dream that people often have. Dreaming about the symbolic meaning of snake:

Since snakes mostly represent a vicious, cunning, cold-blooded, and daunting negative image in real life, it is uncomfortable to appear in dreams. However, there is another side to the snake, the representative impulse is the original force that is suppressed. Therefore, when dreaming of snakes, the following situations occurred roughly.

The body has lesions. If you have been overloaded for a long time and your body can't take it anymore, this dream is a kind reminder to you.

Encountered difficult characters and fierce opponents in life. This is the reflection of the opponent's pressure in our minds.

There may be setbacks in life and career.

Sexual desire is not satisfied. The snake is the representative of the original vitality, and the suppressed desire rises, just like the snake recovers after hibernation

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