Dream to eat cotton candy

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dream to eat cotton candy , adumbrative you recent life slowly down, because of small things and friends stroppy, sad things, keep the common attitude towards, luck there will be signs of improvement.

businessman dream to eat cotton candy , indicates your recent finances in general, investment and finance remember need conservative and cautious, to avoid blind loss too much money.

workers dream of eating cotton candy , adumbrative you recently there is a promotion and pay increase on job opportunities, their potential will get to play, the choice of appropriate challenging work projects, grasp well, the chance of success will depend on a lot.

job seekers dreamed to eat cotton candy , indicates your recent employment fortunes, his performance is not serious enough, there are certain randomly, the situation of the accident is more, their possible out of the idea of this is by chance.

men dreamed to eat cotton candy , indicates your finances is very good recently, income depends on the team performance, investment in cooperation with others have greater profit opportunities.

woman dreamed to eat cotton candy, heralding the recent do you remember don't arbitrary, more listening to others' opinion, with the power of others to fulfill large enterprise, oneself mood also will be improved.

dream to eat cotton candy case analysis

dream description: what's the point of dream to eat cotton candy?

dream resolution: cotton candy delicious ah, reminded you desire to want to eat something. Show that you recently very want to eat something, but can't eat, so early in the dream realized this desire, you use cotton candy to satisfy himself.