Dream of thunderstorm. Duke Zhou interprets his dream. What does it mean to dream of thunderstorm?

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&Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; thunder is dignified and frightening. Sometimes it symbolizes the voice of father or other authoritative figures in dreams. Dreaming of thunder may be that in your recent actions or ideological activities, you feel that you are against your father's views or authoritative wishes, or where you challenge traditional ideas, so you are panic and full of fear. You will suffer a period of mental torture for this, even though you are not necessarily wrong. The fear of thunder in your dream is actually your subconscious fear of reality or the concept of authority that is not easy to change. Dreaming of thunder means that when you face it, you feel a little fragile or even discouraged in your heart at the moment. Maybe if you stick to it, you will achieve unexpected success. If you see thunder in a dream, it suggests that you may be hit suddenly. You should be prepared to bear it. The thunder in the dream is very sharp and loud, indicating that the thorny problems you worry about will be solved successfully soon. In your dream, the thunder and rain are small, or the thunder rumbles continuously, which means that there are dishonest and insincere friends around you. You may already feel that your friends are cheating on you, but your reason is unwilling to admit it. In this dream, your subconscious mind is reminding you that your doubts are not groundless. Dream of thunder, remind you to be careful of the occurrence of heart diseases. If you feel chest discomfort, you should go to the hospital in time. Dream of going out with thunder on a sunny day, which reminds you that it is very difficult to get promoted in the current situation. Married women dream of rainstorm and thunder, which means that you are worried about your husband and will inevitably love your husband more in life. The unmarried sister-in-law dreamed of heavy rain and thunder, which indicates that your marriage may surprise you. You will marry a famous person. Businessmen dream of heavy rain and thunder, which indicates that you will make a fortune and make great profits. The patient's dream indicates that he is not far from physical recovery. Dream of yourself hiding in the thunderstorm, remind you to pay attention to health, physical problems may occur. If you are an athlete, be more careful to avoid injury or accidents in sports. Dream of lightning hitting trees, indicating emotional opportunities. A swift and violent love is coming, which makes you cheer up or full of hope. If in a dream, lightning strikes trees and causes fracture and combustion, then the upcoming love will be lightning, passionate and yearning. The power failure caused by thunderstorm in the dream is a sign of the beginning of transportation. Even if you have had a lot of troubles and worries, they will be solved unexpectedly and smoothly soon. Dream of continuous thunder and flashing sparks, indicating that there will be some twists and turns in your love. You may quarrel over small things, but it won't lead to a complete breakdown. Dream of lightning hitting the house. What you have been expecting may fail and disappoint you. Or don't expect too much, let it be, and you won't worry too much. < strong > Zhougong stock market < / strong > Dream of thunderstorm, the stock you are involved in will fall. However, the dream of a house burning because of a thunderstorm means that it will rise again after a sharp fall. < strong > original Duke Zhou's dream interpretation < / strong > Those who dream of thunderstorms get wine and meat. Dunhuang Dream Book < strong > psychological dream interpretation < / strong > Dream explanation: dreaming of thunderstorm indicates unexpected changes, indicating that those changes have been carried out or are about to happen. They may be carried out comprehensively by knowledge or understanding. This insight often acts to destroy the structure you build to protect your life. Dreams may require you not to touch the existing daily structures and layers of relationships, but to change your way of thinking. A rainstorm may also indicate strong love, indicating that you are suddenly in & ldquo; love & rdquo;. Psychoanalysis: if you see thunderstorms in your dreams, it means that you hope to relieve fatigue and overcome tension. Maybe you need to break some situation in your daily life to achieve the purpose of innovation and change. At first glance, this may seem destructive, but it is a necessary action. If you consider various factors, you will recognize and find the right way to act. Spiritual symbol: from the perspective of psychiatry, thunder shower represents the form of spiritual inspiration. It may promote a sudden understanding of people's real face or a wide range of consciousness.

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