What's going on in the dark corner? What's the omen in the dark corner

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< strong > dream of a dark corner < / strong > What does it mean? Dream of a dark corner, okay? Dreaming of a dark corner has realistic influence and reaction, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of a dark corner compiled by Xiaobian below.

I feel afraid to hide in a dark corner in my dream. It's not a good dream.

In my dream, I saw someone talking in the corner of the black company, suggesting that someone is planning a plot against you, pretending to be a friend and taking advantage of your unprepared attack.

I dreamed that garbage was piled up in the corner of the street, indicating that the red light was on in terms of health. Pay particular attention to respiratory diseases. Don't think it's no big deal to catch a cold. You'll suffer a lot then.

Dreaming of darkness implies that you may have very heavy pressure in your heart, or too depressed emotions, irresolvable pain, etc.

Dream of darkness, but also remind you not to lose yourself.

Men dream of darkness. Sometimes, it means that you are confused about the future and feel that you can't find a way out.

Women dream of darkness, which sometimes means that they have lost confidence in life, feelings and marriage, and their hearts are at a loss and empty.

In addition, when you dream of darkness, sometimes your self-protection mechanism is working in your dream. Your subconscious mind may be trying to suppress your recall of important emotions or thoughts that caused you pain during the day or in your past life.

If you dream of walking in the dark, it means you may get what you have given up or lost.

Dream of looking for light from the dark, indicating that pain and difficulties will eventually become the past. You will find life hope through your own efforts and go through the days of pain and confusion.

< strong > psychological dream interpretation < / strong >

Dream explanation: when you dream of turning around the corner, it means that you have started and are ready to create a new experience, although there are thorns and difficulties at the beginning. If you turn the corner from the right, it means that the aspect of action is logical. If you go around the corner from the left, you start developing yourself in an intuitive way.

Psychoanalysis: you are inspired by your dreams and find a glimmer of hope from the originally closed and almost impassable dilemma. You don't need to feel like a corner, but you can directly start a new attempt, carry out an unexpected career and accumulate new experience.

Spiritual symbol: in this sense, the corner indicates that you should complete the indecisive mental hesitation from a new perspective.