Dream is strong lips what meaning be

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dreamed by strong lips is good, what's the meaning of ? & have spent Dream is strong lips is good, what's the meaning? The following analysis for everyone.

qingqing this paragraph of time always doing such a dream, dreamed that he was a man frantically strong lips, although very reluctant, but because of a man's strength is too large, qingqing unable to push away. Qingqing in crying refused to the man, but is unable to escape, the dream about the scene let qingqing feel deep shame.

strong lips is on one side is not willing to occur under the condition of forced kiss. For girls, it is a very violent and rude. If the dream about the strong lips by men, in fact is a kind of potential symbol of inner desire to be loved.

if unmarried girl dreamt that he was the man strong lips, said the girl's sex consciousness has bloomed, in the near future will meet your Mr Right in the reality, but also with good form in one hundred.

if married women dreamed by men strong lips, means that the dreamer's husband and wife life is not smooth, especially in the aspect of sex with considerable confusion, women should communicate with husband actively, in order to solve problems.

if married women dream about strong lips by former lover, means that the dreamer to the heart of the former lover and want to stay, but the other is to oneself have no remembrance.

travel people dream about being strong lips, suggest appropriate caution, hot days or less to summer.

pregnant people dream about being strong lips, indicated that male, well, be careful fire.

benmingnian, dreaming that I be strong lips means doing things don't move, and gear. Well satisfied.

people dream about being in love strong lips, showing various communication, marriage can become.

business people dream about being strong lips, on behalf of the business and the ford is to worship god.

& have spent

school of people dream about being strong lips, means have faith, success will belong to you, and more efforts.

the above is my analysis of dream is strong lips is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.