Dream and children play is what mean

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dream and children play is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream to play with children have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about childhood, on the one hand, symbol in your heart, fragile, pure side, said you are very has the compassion, a child, a bright future. On the other hand, may indicate you will encounter crisis.

dream about children get sick, or pain, suggest you can because others framed, defamation, downs, endure a hard life. If the dream about their own child is ill, and may indicate career setbacks, or encountered problems.

dream and children play together, indicated that the work is smooth, or school life is full of happy, even can bring love make you excited.

when the mother of the woman, dream about their own children, said to the child's love and care.

dreamed that the beggar children, suggesting that luck began to decline.

burned by fire to the dream about children, they cannot help but, suggest you will be in serious trouble, the crisis may have lost everything, even badly hurt or lose their lives.

dream about an angry child, suggest you to cooperate with others unhappy, or have good friends will be through with you.

dream about being naughty child, suggest you joy and indulge in the past, today may get in trouble. If abnormal dreamed that he was a badly behaved naughty boy, suggest you foolish, naive and evil thoughts, will let you get into trouble.

dream about walking was not know children followed, indicate that you will be in trouble, no matter how hard, can't get rid of the failure situation, bad luck or bad.

dream about children give you send messages, letters, suggest you may have quarrels with others because of the small things.

dream about delightful child entered the house, says there will be money on big harvest, or happy children.

dreamed that he turned into a child crying, signal will have unpleasant things happen, or you will face the grim reality is unable to avoid, can only passive to accept.

the above is my analysis of dream and children play is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.