Dream about what is the meaning of the ring

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dream is good, the doorbell rang what's the meaning of ? Dream about the bell ring have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone, take a look at.

dream heard the door bell or the doorbell, on behalf of you will be hearing the unexpected news, or by the superior emergency summoned to undertake a task, or hear a sick relatives of the sad news.

dream about rang the bell, or do you hear the doorbell, said may be a sudden shock, may be working on the breakthrough brings joy, but the bad news may be among friends and family came to let you sad.

dream about knocking at the door, say you are in trouble, while on the job very hard, but may be transferred, or the problems to the position promotion, and no one can help you, or give you advice.

dream about someone knocking at the door, usually symbol has money, or will have the opportunity to the door, be careful to grasp.

if the dream about someone rang the bell, it is indicated that you will receive a distant friend's message.

dreamed that he knocked at the door, remind you be careful friends, to avoid the hasty, irresponsible behave friends in trouble.

the above is my analysis of dream is good, the ring have what meaning, want to help you.