Dream about the wedding

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what dream wedding ? Dream about the wedding what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about the wedding, usually indicates there will be a friends and relatives died.

dreamed that he looked on other people's wedding, predict will have good luck in the home, such as the family member get promoted, examination, etc.

dreamed someone marry, suggesting that dream people have money, they may get unexpected harvest, or get promoted, the future better.

dreaming that I am married, should pay attention to body health, indicate that you may become sick or even died.

young woman dreaming that I am married to another man lover, means that the marriage will be delay due to friends and relatives died;

unmarried man dreamed that his girlfriend to marry others, suggested that your marriage is likely to delay because of friends and relatives died.

husband dreamed that his wife is married to others, suggested that his wife would be worse in disaster and misfortune, etc., in the near future should treat your wife with more care and attention to safety, health.

dreamed that he and the old man or old woman get married, usually said gift will get the heritage. If it is a young unmarried woman to do such a dream, may also said there will be a nice people that will help you in your life.

married woman do such dreaming to get more opportunities to earn money.

young men and women in love dreamed that he went to the wedding reception, may also your feelings will encounter twists and turns, you might to small friction and lover.

the above is my analysis of what dream wedding , hope to help you.