What Dream About Acorns Means

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Acorns Dream Meaning

Acorn in a dream is often interpreted as a sign of certain favorable events, but exceptions are possible. Interpreting what acorns represent in dreams, the dreambooks speak of prosperity, good harvest, a romantic meeting or warn of a mistake, loss, illness.

The dreaming of acorns is a symbol of potential for forthcoming undertakings soon. Lovers are promised a meeting with loved src="https://checkmydream.com/img/origin/1583269457-1320_acorns1.jpg" />

Did you have a dream of many ripe acorns? There will be success in solving material as well as family problems. To collect acorns or pick them up from a tree in a dream is a symbol of worthy reward for hard work.

Collecting acorns in a dream – symbolizes family cohesion, perhaps even replenishment of the family.

However, the meaning of the dream about acorns may be not so favorable. So, collecting green acorns is a warning about difficulties. You should not wait for success ahead of time. Seeing in a dream how they are being harvested – means your current lifestyle or diet can trigger a disease.

Selling harvested acorns in a dream – means an unprofitable enterprise, financial losses.

A dream book calls rotten acorns foreshadowing of failure, especially if you pick them up. The dreamer risks crossing out all efforts in a certain matter due to a mistake or his own oversight.

Why do you dream of eating acorns? Dream Interpretation says: you will get the completely the news completely different from what was expected.

If a woman was eating acorns in a dream means life will delight her soon. Eating them also means: a new, very successful prospect will open before the dreamer.

Had a chance to make acorn coffee and drink it? Dream Interpretation calls the plot a forerunner of small profits.

Have you been given acorns in a dream? This dream means you will meet a person who can later become your loved one. However, at first your relationship will only be friendly.

Did you have a dream as if you gave acorns to someone you know? Dream Interpretation promises mutual agreement, if you have quarrelled, you will reconcile.

    Here are the other interpretations of a dream about acorns:
  • to see them - pleasant events will happen;
  • feeding them to pigs - means to plan something bad and to do it;
  • dropping acorns from a tree - good luck on the love front;
  • seeing that someone is eating them - you will be deceived when you do not expect this at all;
  • last year acorns, lying on the ground - positive changes will soon come.

According to Miller, acorns promise success in business, excellent life circumstances. However, tearing them green off the tree means: your own imprudence and rush will damage your interests.