What Dream About Mailman Means

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Mailman Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a mailman means you will have to some unpleasant work soon. If you dream of a postman - this means you will accept responsibility for unpleasant and unprofitable work. A mailman who brings you mail is a symbol that you will soon receive unpleasant news. Hearing a mailman ring your doorbell or knock at the door predicts unexpected visit. If a mailman passes your house is a symbol of sad events.

If you pass the letter to a mailman for sending this can be interpreted as an insult from people who treat you badly. To send letters with a postman also means that you will be hurt because of jealousy and envy.Talking to a mailman in your dream can be a sign of taking part in some scandal.

According to Tsvetkov's dreambook, receiving letters is a warning not to rush; if he hands you a letter over - this means disclosure of secrets.