Dream about being praised what meaning be

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praised dream is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about being praised have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dreamed of a friend, pat yourself on the elders, predict the near future you will be good luck, but also careful beware of.

dream to get his wife's praise, suggesting that his wife may be unfaithful to you.

dream about subordinates to praise yourself, indicate your work situation, or business will meet with difficulties, are in trouble, make oneself lose prestige and persuasive, difficult to transfer the subordinates.

pat yourself on the dream about strangers, in the near future to avoid impulse, conflict with others.

dream praised his enemy, suggest you will surrender the opponent.

the wife if dreaming that I am praised by others, is hinted it might upset with her husband.

students dreamed of by other people's praise, beware of exam trails, should study hard recently.

dreamed that he praised his wife, friends, or relatives, said life harmony happiness.

dreamed that he praised adversaries, indicates the opponent to attack you, let you suffer losses, lower authority.

dreaming that I am praise others, to be careful of setbacks, evil.

workers dream about praise his own boss, suggest you will get promoted, or increase the salary and bonus.

the above is my analysis of praised dream is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.