What's the meaning of dream about wife

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dreamed that his wife is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about wife have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream hug his wife, promised by separation or separated with his wife.

dream about separation with his wife, say you will be more pain love his wife.

dream about his own wife to cheat, said you are not satisfied, but instead for some extra effort, to get a promotion, get the admiration of the people around you, that relationship will be better. If the latest derailed dreamed that his wife had quarreled with his wife, husband, indicated that the relationship will be friends.

dream about quarrel with his wife, family harmony, happiness of life. If it is with the family separation, haven't seen his wife's people dream about a quarrel with her, said it would see wife soon.

dream about married a noisy wife, said busy life, comfortable and happy.

if the witnessed his wife was adultery with others in the dream, also said you chafed under present situation.

dream about his own wife married someone else, indicated that his wife may encounter bad things such as natural disasters, take extra care.

dreamed that his wife was dead, said she would live long, couples harmony.

dream about wife young many, family happiness, happiness.

prisoners dream about quarrel with his wife, to see his wife dream soon, and will be conjugal love.

widower who dream about late wife, will marry an educated woman, she would be the cause of his assistant.

man dreamed that his wife unconscious that wife to labor, is about to get a lovely child.

the married man dreamed that his wife suddenly fainted, coma, signs of his wife has a miscarriage, want to go to the hospital in time for review, to ensure that both doing well.

the above is my analysis of dreamed that his wife is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.