What Dream About Swimming Means

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Spiritual Meaning Of Swimming In A Dream

What does is it mean if you dream of swimming? A dream where the person was swimming is interpreted as a positive sign. This image can mean the completion of some business, general wealth and satisfaction from life. Swimming alone in the water may just represent the flow of everyday chores.

If you were swimming with confidence, this plot predicts success and joy; if it was very hard for you to swim, this is a sign of disappointment. Swimming together with your lover predicts separation soon.

Swimming in a pool is a symbol meaning that the dreamer will have to choose between two people not knowing whom to choose. Sometimes such plot can be a precursor of big love feeling that will end up with disappointment and explosion.

Did you dream about swimming in the sea? According to the dreambooks, sea in a dream is a symbol of inviolability and eternity. So, if you saw a dream about swimming in the sea, this can be explained as significant life changes. A calm sea symbolizes wishes coming true; big waves promise obstacles.

Dreams about swimming in the ocean have similar meaning. Calm surface predicts success and good life; light waves mean victory over rivals and competitors; stormy ocean predicts big obstacles.

Swimming on a ship is interpreted as changes coming soon. It can also be a symbol of wishes fulfilling or warning about danger. This dream predicts a happy marriage for unmarried people; for those in the family this is a promise of happy family life.

Swimming with somebody in a boat means interests match or possible life together with this person. Going with the flow is often interpreted as laziness and unwillingness to resist the obstacles.

Swimming in the lake with clear water is a sign of meeting with good friends. Swimming over the lake is a symbol of achieving your goals and solving the problems.

Swimming in the river is a sign that the dreamer is in love and is completely overwhelmed with the feelings, often forgetting about his tasks and responsibilities.

Swimming with a dolphin is a very favorable sign that is a symbol of a reliable friend who will support you when required. This image is a precursor of love-match for an unmarried woman.

According to Miller's dream book, dream about swimming with dolphins means your willingness to obey. If in a dream you see that you are swimming next to the bottlenose dolphin, in real life such a vision means that you may fall under the influence, and maybe even pressure, of a new leader. Although, if in a dream the dolphin was peaceful and playful, then you should not worry - a person whose will you obey will not bring you problems, but can also provide support.

The interpretation of a dream, in which you see yourself in a swimming pool with a playful dolphin, is touching: some of your friends will sacrifice their own interests for the success of your enterprise. But the bottlenose dolphins swimming in the pool and not wanting to obey the commands, are a sign that you will face difficulties on the way to the fulfillment of desire.

Swimming with fish in a dream also has favorable meaning predicting interesting adventures, events and a number of acquaintances.

According to Miller, a dream about swimming is a symbol of joy; swimming in the sea predicts getting inheritance. If you enjoyed swimming this means success, sinking is a symbol of dissatisfaction. If a young girl was bathing together with her girl-friend, this plot is a symbol of big love coming soon.

Dreaming of swimming under water means an attempt to hide from your problems and responsibilities. If you were watching life from under the water, this is a sign saying you require help and support. According to the dream book, if you dream about swimming under water, there is a difficult period ahead, it is necessary to make more efforts to overcome difficulties, a threat to the financial condition is possible. But a vision in a dream also portends a successful course of affairs, stability, new information.

If the water in a dream turned out to be cloudy, dirty, expect an unfavorable change of circumstances and a threat to your financial well-being. You may need to seek help. Swimming underwater also means that the dreamer is a rather brave, determined person, but soon he will have to mobilize all his determination and strength to solve difficult problems.

Swimming in the cold water is a favorable sign: if the person is ill, he will recover soon; for healthy people it predicts luck and reliable friends. Swimming in muddy water predicts obstacles in different spheres of the dreamer’s life. Swimming in a boiling flow is a sign of active work. Dirty water predicts troubles and sad events. It can also be a sign of some illness, especially if the water got into your mouth.

Swimming naked in a dream is a symbol of strong will and calm conscience. Diving in a dream is a warning about getting into a risky venture.

If you learned to swim in a dream, this is a positive sign proving you will be able to control your life and overcome any obstacles.

Did you dream about swimming in a swamp? A dream of swimming in a swamp literally means getting bogged down in everyday affairs and worries. The plot reflects routine, boredom and monotony. According to Miller, seeing other people in such a plot means that a loved one will get sick or commit an unseemly act with consequences.

If you happened to be swimming in a swamp, the dream interpretation believes that you have lost your life guidelines. In a dream, an attachment to existing stereotypes, habits or connections is reflected in such an unusual way. Did you have a dream that you were wallowing in the dirty slurry? In reality, you will lose the trust of others and fall into prolonged depression without the desire to change anything.

Did you happen to see the swampy area around? A dream calls to have an interesting hobby and find a new goal, otherwise your life will really turn into a continuous swamp. What does it mean if you were swimming in the purest lake, and it suddenly turned into a dirty swamp in a dream? The dream book advises you to prepare for fateful trials that will test your mental fortitude.