What Dream About Suntan Means

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Suntan Dream Meaning

In order to interpret correctly what suntan symbolizes in a dream, one should take into account the era in which the dream book was compiled. Several centuries ago, dark skin was considered the fate of commoners. Nowadays, everything is different: a tanned, toned physique indicates prosperity and welfare. This is why the symbol in a dream has such different meanings.

For all times

Miller's dream book, which is relevant at all times, explains why you dream of seeing strong tan on your face or body. The dream is caused by natural causes: the need for heat and solar energy. Since the body reminds of tanning in a dream, it is advisable to listen to its needs. Try not to bring your health to a critical state; it is always wiser to take preventive measures. This is not the only assumption about beautiful tanned skin.

Miller's dream book reminds that the sources of heat are not only the rays of the Sun, but also the people around them. Perhaps the person who is tanned in a dream does not have enough warmth in reality. With the help of Miller's dream book, you can try to predict the weather for next summer. If in a dream you happened to sunbathe, and you dreamed of even tan, the coming season threatens to be rainy.

The physical state

Often the interpretation of dreams about strong tan concerns the real physical state of the sleeping person. The tan that you dreamed about is sometimes one of the first symptoms of various skin diseases. If you dreamed about bronze tan on your body, the dream may be a harbinger of illness. At the same time, sometimes the body signals in a dream about extreme fatigue in this way, when a little good rest is a vital necessity.

With all your might

Often, deliberately dark skin on the body indicates self-doubt. The dreamer experiences an unconscious desire to acquire additional "armor". According to the Old Dream Book, if you dreamed of red tan on your face, the sleeping person will have to work hard in the fresh air in reality.

It is noticed that the more attractive the reflection in a dream looks, the more time-consuming and thankless kind of activity awaits the person in reality. The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation warns of the appearance of a person in your environment who will try to shoulder the solution of his problems on you. The dream book does not exclude such a turn of events: you have to master exactly the type of activity that you have tried to avoid in every possible way. This can be a responsible and unpleasant task, for example, caring for a seriously ill patient. Try to accept this set of circumstances as an opportunity to discover something new in yourself.

Intimate sphere

Often, seeing light golden tan on the face happens to those who suffer from the lack of close communication with the members of the opposite sex. In such cases, the dream does not portend anything, only reminds that it would not hurt paying more attention to such an important aspect of life. Another dream interpreter claims that sunbathing in night dreams happens to those who intend to enter into a forbidden relationship in reality. As a rule, the sleeper is aware that it is unlikely that it will be possible to hide the relationship for a long time. Sooner or later they will become public knowledge and will cause serious resonance.