What Dream About Stewardess Means

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Stewardess Dream Meaning

Why is the flight attendant seen in a dream? A pretty stewardess in a dream promises joy, gaining a decent position, implementing your ideas. But sometimes the dream book warns against unjustified risk, conflicts, unpleasant situations.

Did you see the air hostess in a dream? This image may portend an improvement in your mood. There will be a certain event that will delight you very much.

Did you see a flight attendant in a dream when flying on an airplane? The interpretation of a dream prophesies a long journey in reality.

What is the meaning of a dream of her walking down the aisle with a trolley where there are sandwiches with red caviar and cognac? Dream Interpretation promises: you will see an increase in salaries soon.

    Remember what the dreamed stewardess offered you:
  • set lunch – you will visit a feast soon;
  • alcohol – you will get an expensive, but unnecessary thing;
  • life jacket – a conflict that can be avoided by leaving its participants;
  • parachute – you urgently need to get out of an unpleasant situation;
  • flirted with you – there will be a fleeting affair.

According to Modern dreambook, to see a stewardess in a dream means: the sleeper will go on a business trip, where he can lose or spend the money entrusted to him. You should be more responsible about your duties.

Why does a man dream about a beautiful stewardess? In reality, he will meet a woman who will not only exhaust his nerves, but will also make him spend heavily.

If a girl dreamed of working as a stewardess – such plot shows that she lacks male attention in real life. However, you only need to blame yourself - you need to better monitor your own appearance and show more friendliness. Few people like girls immersed in their world, estranged from reality.

Seeing a flight attendant in a dream portends a journey with a pleasant companion. However, this acquaintance will not become friendship, so do not get too flattered.

Did you happen to be an air hostess yourself? The dream interpretation explains: you want to change your job because you have lost interest in it. But remember: in a new place you have to start from scratch. Perhaps it is better to establish your activities where you have already achieved something?

Being a stewardess promises a young girl a new interesting and fascinating occupation if she makes every effort to master it at the proper level.

Why does a married woman dream of being a flight attendant aboard a plane crashing in a plane crash? Dream Interpretation warns: a woman may jeopardize her own reputation due to unjustified risk.

If you had a dream about trying on the uniform of a stewardess, this means the dreamer will take a worthy position in his/her circle soon.

Did you communicate with her in a dream? The dream book promises: a happy future will open before you. This applies to both working moments and family life.

A friendly stewardess aboard the liner, gaining height, means: the dreamer will have the take-off of fantasy. If he is a creative person, he will embody interesting ideas in his activities. If he is engaged in business, he will successfully implement new ideas. The rest will also benefit from their ideas.