What Dream About Standing On The Table Means

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Standing On The Table Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you happened to stand on the table in a dream? This strange image marks the dreamer's current position and his relationship with the world. And it also hints at the upcoming life changes. Dream Interpretations will tell you why the aforementioned plot appeared in a dream.

Did you dream that you were standing on the table with food? Miller's dream book predicts the achievement of independence, prosperity and stability. An empty table in the same plot hints at conflicts and disagreements.

Did you see in a dream how you climbed onto the table? This means your thoughtful speech will be well received by others.

In such a dream, the table acts as a pedestal and promises respect, veneration, fame and glory.

Did you see that the furniture in a dream suddenly began to wobble? The interpretation of the dream is direct: you will not be able to hold on to the top and will slide down in shame.

Did you have a dream that you did not feel particularly comfortable standing on the table? Loff's dream book warns: mental work will lead to depression. Moreover, you clearly overestimate your capabilities and run the risk of failing in your plan.

Sitting on a countertop in a dream is bad. This is an omen of a burial in the house. It's even worse to see you lying on the top of the table. The indicated vision prophesies a serious illness to the dreamer, a tragic incident and even death.

    To understand exactly the meaning of a dream, you should take a closer look at the piece of furniture you saw. So:
  • A working table – means business problems, undertakings.
  • A desk – predicts luck in competition.
  • A dining table is a symbol of holiday or feast.
  • Coffee table is a symbol of entertainment.
  • Standing on your own table – predicts a domestic fight.
  • Old, cracked table – poverty, decline.
  • Polished, new table – satisfaction, well-being.
  • Marble table – means a gift, a surprise.
  • A round table – reconciliation.
  • Billiard table, play room table – disagreements among friends.

Did you stand on the table set for dinner in your dream? Get ready for a pleasant acquaintance and good luck.

But if the serving in a dream was too luxurious with golden dishes and prohibitively expensive food, this plot indicates you are dreaming too much, forgetting about reality.

The presence of strange objects on the table means that there is a period of conflict and misunderstanding ahead. Did you have a dream about an empty table? This image means you will experience bitter loneliness even among people.

What does it mean if you dream that you were unlucky to stand on a desk full of papers and documents? The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation is sure: you are completely confused, trying to solve some difficult problem. The specified plot also reflects the lack of time to complete some task.

It is bad to see piles of dirty dishes with food remains on the table top. You will miss the chance to earn decent money in reality.

Were there beautiful flowers on the table in a dream? For some period of time you are guaranteed marital happiness. If there was money on the table, this means you will find a way out.

Did you stand on a table when it suddenly broke down right under you? Be prepared for drastic, bad changes.

Seeing a broken table in a dream can also lead to an unforgivable mistake that will radically change the situation for the worse.

Did you have a dream that furniture moves spontaneously? This means incredible events and shocking discoveries are coming. At the same time, you will not be able to influence the situation.