What Dream About Souvenir Means

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Souvenir Dream Meaning

What is the souvenir dream meaning and symbolism? A Family dream book considers a souvenir in a dream a sign of changes in one’s personal life and good news. To determine what a memorable present represents in a dream, it is enough to disassemble the dream into the smallest components and see their characteristics from well-known dream dictionaries.

Miller's dream book: tips

    The psychologist explains in detail what the dreamer can expect in the future. To do this, he suggests remembering the details, after which it will be easier to interpret what souvenirs symbolize in dreams:
  • buying souvenirs - good news;
  • making souvenirs - success in your personal life;
  • to hand a souvenir - means wealth, luxury;
  • stealing a keepsake - a happy marriage;
  • losing a souvenir - predicts obstacles in business.

The most complete interpretations of modern psychologists and esotericists

Acquiring, making a souvenir with your own hands, giving memento to someone - predicts good endeavors. Dream Interpretation by Tsvetkova indicates that any creative activity in a dream presupposes a change for the better. To give, to make a present means to create your own happiness with your own hands.

Breaking it, throwing a souvenir away – means missing the chance. But, to drop a souvenir you’ve got, to lose it means to get stuck for a long time in some important business. All processes around you will slow down; life will become boring and uninteresting.

Stealing it – means catching luck. Stealing souvenirs in a dream is a sign of family well-being. Unmarried young people and girls of marriageable age will surely meet their fate in the coming days.

Why dream of a souvenir from the dream books of ancient interpreters

Folk fortune tellers promise good prospects. Velesov's dream book guarantees a luxurious life. Such dreams will end with the acquisition of real estate and movable property in reality, valuable certificates, bonuses from the management.

Vanga speaks about mutual love. Telling why you dream of holding a souvenir in your hands, the soothsayer says that you will have to meet a person destined from above.

The marriage, according to the ancient dream books, will be long and happy. Well-being will forever settle in your home, and children's laughter will bring joy to all household members.

Seeing a variety of souvenirs in a dream

    If you dreamed that you were confused when choosing a keepsake for friends, relatives, this means fate will provide a wide range of opportunities:
  • memorable card - finding a reliable friend;
  • sweets as a souvenir - love affairs;
  • a souvenir box with unknown contents - means a surprise;
  • jewelry as a souvenir - sign of deception.

Wooden souvenirs

Seeing souvenirs made from cheap materials in a dream is the same as missing a long-awaited chance because of your naivety. Besides that, a wooden gift indicates frivolous relationship between lovers.

Glass souvenirs

Crystal offerings testify to the cunning of companions, the hypocrisy of loved ones. Fragile and breakable things warn about meeting with scammers.

Souvenir in the box

Your life will be filled with meaning and bright colors if you dreamed that you had a chance to unpack a lot of gifts.


Magnet souvenirs brought from long trips will invite you on new adventures. Travel will prove to be profitable. Meetings will become fateful, ordinary acquaintances will develop into long-term fruitful cooperation.

Beware of accepting jewelry, expensive gifts as souvenirs. They are a symbol of flattery, bribery, self-interest. People presenting them will deceive your expectations and aspirations, disappoint with their actions in reality.