What Dream About Smoking Means

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Smoking Dream Meaning

What is the symbolism of smoking in dream? If you saw a young girl smoking in your dream, this shows your frivolity and desire for an idle lifestyle. If you know the lady-smoker from your dream, you should know that you can not rely on her in real life; she doesn’t keep her promises.

A man smoking in a dream is a favorable sign promising additional support; especially if he saw smoking expensive brands of cigarettes or cigars. Did you dream about smoking weed? Smoking weed in a dream means you will be mocked soon. You should be attentive and careful with people around you. If you were smoking hemp in a dream, this plot shows your strong wish to run away from reality. Some events do not let you live in peace.

Smoking but not feeling the smell reflects your feeling of despair and hopelessness. According to Aesop’s dreambook, too much smoke is a sign of overconfidence. If someone is smoking in your dream and makes too much white fragrant smoke, this means he is putting too much influence and pressure on someone in real life. The more smoke there was in a dream and the more difficult it was to breathe, the stronger his pressure is.

What does it mean if you dream about smoking? If you were smoking a cigar in your dream, this means you are seeking luxury and rich life. It depends completely on you whether you will be able to achieve what you want. Smoking a hookah in a dream predicts some obstacles during a trip; the dreambooks are warning not to trust your fellow travelers.

As for Miller’s interpretation, he considers that smoking in a dream predicts obstacles in achieving your goal. But you should not be afraid of the difficulties: if you put some efforts everything will work out. A dream about unknown person smoking is a warning about slander and intrigues.

If a young man was smoking and the fume came right into your face in a dream, this plot means that your relations will be spoiled soon. If he offered to smoke with him, this is a sign he has good intentions. For people who do not smoke in real life, an image of smoking in a dream can represent worries, anxiety and hardships.

Throwing away a cigarette butt means you will put aside unimportant tasks and issues. If you took a cigarette that was already lit, you will get back to old issues. If a person took a cigarette from a pack, this can mean he will soon have a meeting with somebody in a crowded place. This image is considered favorable in general.

In Miller's dream book you can find an interesting explanation of why one dreams of how a non-smoker smokes. The symbol indicates the hidden talents of the sleeper, which should have been given the green light long ago. The interpreter calls for immediate implementation of the desired, the chances of success are very high. It is not of fundamental importance whether the dreamer dreamed of himself in person, or he happened to see his non-smoking friend in a dream.

In dream books, there are interesting explanations of why one dreams of how a non-smoker smokes a cigarette. The Universal dream dictionary reassures that the dreamer will be able to achieve his goal, despite many obstacles. The folk oracle regards what one saw as a call to reconsider the life positions. If the cigarette smoke tastes bitter, this is a signal of overwork. The symbol foreshadows the start of a successful project.

The Ukrainian dream book believes that if you manage to break or drop a cigarette in a dream, this means you are doing something other than your own business under someone else's influence. If you dreamed of a non-smoker smoking a cigarette, the Birthdays dream book promises good profit to a relative. The interpretation of the dream by clairvoyant Vanga, promises recovery to the seriously ill dreamer.

If you happen to see a non-smoker person smoking, and in real life you have a strong opponent, the medium Hasse says that it's time to challenge him. But provided that you are sufficiently confident in your own rightness. When someone happens to see yourself in a smoking room and keep company with other smokers, which you really avoid, White Magician Longo warns against excessive frankness and credulity in a close circle.

If you dreamed of how a person smokes ineptly on and blows smoke in the face of another person, this dream means that these two will quarrel soon. The Gypsy dream book explains what you saw in a dream as bad mood for no apparent reason.

When you happen to see yourself smoking a pipe, the old-fashioned image means new opportunities. It will not be superfluous to take advantage of the experience of elders.

If you dreamed of trying marijuana and not feeling the drug effect, beware of impulse purchases. Euphoria portends gossip and ridicule.