What Dream About Sleeping In Coffin Means

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Sleeping In Coffin Dream Meaning

The plot about sleeping in a coffin promises long years of life, but warns that at the current stage you can seriously ill. According to Miller, one can sleep in a coffin before illness, a major quarrel or repentance of your own actions.

Having a rest in a wooden box in a dream, this means you will lead a quiet lifestyle, perhaps you will take up a quiet affair that will last for a very long period.

If you spent a night in a coffin, but didn’t feel any fear or uncomfort, the dreambooks promise a surge of strength, renewal, confidence. Seeing yourself in a coffin can also predict great joy.

If you were forcibly placed into a coffin in a dream, then this means that you will marry quite unexpectedly.

If you had to sleep in a very uncomfortable coffin, you will feel irritation and general dissatisfaction. Another interpretation of the dream warns that it is time to reconsider your worldview and change seriously. In addition, spending a night in a rather unusual place symbolizes the completion of a particular case or the whole life stage.

Going to sleep into a coffin in a dream can also mean that you will purchase some real estate in reality. But if there was a deadman near you, this is a warning about troubles.

If you had to spend the night in a closed tomb, this is a sign of spiritual deadlock, loneliness, oblivion. Sleeping in a coffin in a dream also symbolizes failure of your plans.

Lying next to a deadman and feeling the cold from the dead body means that someone close to you can die soon.

If you saw your friend sleep in a coffin in your dream, this means you will borrow a big sum of money from him. Spending a night in a room where a coffin was standing prepares you for scandals causes by drinking.