What Dream About Singing A Song Means

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Singing A Song Dream Meaning

Only if singing is not your favorite pastime or means of earning, you should pay attention to a dream in which you happened to sing a song. In order to get the most accurate interpretation, you should take into account all the details seen in a dream, even the smallest ones.

Miller's dream book about songs

If you dreamed that you were singing a song, you should know that happiness awaits you, but you will have to defend and prove its truth for a very long time. Church chant in your performance has a different meaning. Such stories mean your remorse for something.

But what is the dream in which you sang sad lines with feeling: according to the dreambook, this means failure and bad luck.

What did you sing?

    The meaning of the dream in which you sing a song may vary depending on the genre of the song you performed. Let's compare:
  • singing a funny song is a sign of luck;
  • singing a sad melody - means longing;
  • frivolous chanting is a signal of waste;
  • performance of psalms - pacification;
  • singing a patriotic anthem - a symbol of inflated needs;
  • singing a lullaby - means establishing family relationships;
  • singing an epic ballad about mom or dad is a sign of family celebration;
  • perky ditties about mom or dad - symbolizes a funny situation with a parent.

Big stage as the personification of high needs

Anyone who dreamed that he was singing a song while standing on the stage in the concert hall should give an account of the fact that in order to achieve the goals set, efforts must be made - desires are rarely fulfilled by themselves, says Longo's dream book.

What does it mean if you had a dream that you were flying over the stage? You will be able to achieve what you want very quickly. Love helps you fly - your loved one will turn your dream into reality. But if you flew on your own - a lucky break awaits you.

A merry feast is a harbinger of joy

Singing a song at a drunken party is a symbol that good mood and good luck awaits you, the dream book of Pastor Loff predicts. You see in a dream that you are dancing to your singing - you will achieve much more than you expect.

But, according to the Eastern Dream Book, dancing in a dream to your own chant is a sign of the breadth of the dreamer's soul: you do not know the feeling of envy. Dancing with a partner in a dream - get ready for tandem work that will lead to success.

Repertoire "From the Other World", or Say Goodbye to the Past!

When figuring out why you dream of singing a song, you should pay attention to one fact. If you dreamed that you were performing songs from the repertoire of a deceased singer, this is a sign of not faded hopes. Was the deceased star's repertoire about love? This is a sign that you yearn for past relationships.

But a dream of singing a song of a deceased artist who performed in a humorous genre means you should not be sad, everything will get better very soon, Tsvetkov's dream book promises.

Singing with the Dead: From Closure to Revealing Secrets

If you see in a dream that you are going to sing along with the deceased performer – it means you are too closed in yourself, the Lunar Dream Book states. What does it mean if in a dream you did not manage to get to the rehearsal with the deceased singer? Don't be upset - this is a sign of getting out of a losing streak.

But, according to the Wanderer's dream book, singing with dead people is a sign of revealing secrets that torment you with uncertainty. Do you see in a dream that you did not manage to achieve a good sound singing with dead people? Don't trust strangers.