What Dream About Sex With Brother Means

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Sex With Brother Dream Meaning

Having sex with a very close relative in a dream should not scare you away, since this plot has nothing to do with real sexual pretensions. This dream just reflects your wish to become closer, receive support or inherit someone’s best qualities.

If you had sex with your brother in a dream, this means there was a union or reconciliation of different sides of your personality. If you had sex with younger brother, this plot is telling you that you should show care about your close relatives or protect somebody. An older brother making love to you is a hint that you are the one who needs protection or wise advice.

According to another interpretation of dreams about sex with brother, this plot indicates that people around you are putting much pressure and make you live according to their own rules. Your inner protest is represented by unallowable connection in a dream.

Sometimes such plot can be taken literally, especially if there were violent sexual actions present in your dream. Probably, in reality there is a close person to whom you are forced to obey against your will.

If the intimacy with a brother didn’t cause inner resistance, this night plot guarantees fruitful cooperation in real life. Any negative emotions should be taken as possible obstacles and inner discomfort. After such dream you should revise your life and future plans.

    The final interpretation of the dream still depends on the kind of sex you had:
  • Traditional – exchange of energy and information;
  • Anal – cheating, usage, betrayal;
  • Oral – unusual and even extreme situation;
  • Ritual – spiritual growth;
  • Group – a collective or family event.

If your brother raped you in a dream, this means that the current situation will completely change soon. It is also possible that you will have a new admirer or friend who will be too persistent.

If a young woman sees a dream about rough sex with brother, this means fast career growth and success at work. Besides that you will have an opportunity to realize your old dream or have a successful marriage. This dream is usually a sign or rough competition for men.This dream also indicates that you need to pay more attention to the members of your family. They really need you care at the moment.

If you happened to watch group sex with your relatives taking part in a dream, you can expect sudden positive news or surprise. If this plot is seen by a pregnant woman, she should be ready for rapid delivery.

If you often see dreams about intimacy with your brother, this is a symbol that your relations will warm up. This plot can also indicate the necessity to join several separate parts into something whole. Negative feelings and emotions during the dream mean that old insults begin to emerge on the surface, which leads to emotional disorder.