What Dream About Seeing Yourself Means

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Seeing Yourself In A Dream Meaning And Symbolism

How to interpret a dream when you watch yourself doing something? What does it mean when you see yourself in a dream like with someone else’s eyes? In general, when you dream of seeing yourself, such plots promise easy reaching your goals and gaining financial independence.

Such a dream is also a symbol of a long and happy life in the surrounding of loving people. But the correct interpretation of a dream depends on details, of course.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretation depending on how the dreamer sees himself:
  • being unconscious - means a promotion;
  • being with a twin - participating in financial fraud;
  • being sick - receiving an inheritance;
  • being old - failures in business;
  • with long hair - happiness in your personal life;
  • being naked - predicts a short illness;
  • being beautiful - success in professional activity;
  • being drunk and depraved - wealth;
  • smoking - organization of a family holiday;
  • being small - betrayal of a loved one;
  • being dead - predicts a long life;
  • being young - a successful solution to financial problems;
  • being ugly - deterioration in well-being;
  • sleeping - recovery;
  • dancing - an increase in wages;
  • being fat - making a large profit;
  • with a different hair color - traveling;
  • dying - parting with a loved one.

    Depending on who saw herself in a dream:

  • A pregnant woman – easy labor;
  • A girl – predicts a party;
  • A young lady – acquaintance with a faithful friend.

    The interpreters explain the dreams depending on where you see yourself:
  • in a coffin - conflicts with colleagues;
  • in the room - appearance of an additional source of income;
  • in the past - depression;
  • on the video - signing a profitable agreement.

    Depending on what you are wearing in a dream:
  • white clothes - a business trip;
  • a uniform - a gift from a colleague;
  • black clothes - receiving good news;
  • a wedding dress - small profit.

    The dream about seeing yourself can be briefly interpreted depending on your actions:
  • to watch yourself from the side - quick achievement of the goal;
  • if you see you can not wake up - minor troubles;
  • seeing yourself from above is a sign of illness;
  • looking at yourself from the back - happy old age.

    Top-5 negative interpretations of dreams about yourself:
  • Looking at yourself during a lesson at school in a dream is a sign of a serious illness.
  • Seeing yourself at the festive table means poverty or serious financial losses.
  • Sitting at a desk - anxiety and excitement.
  • On the lap of your father or mother - breakdown and depression.
  • Nursing yourself - means self-doubt.

    Top-5 positive meanings of seeing yourself in a dream:
  • Your own funeral is a sign of wealth and longevity.
  • Looking at yourself soaring in the sky is a sign of marriage with a loved one.
  • Seeing yourself bald - means getting rid of ill-wishers.
  • Being drunk - sign of good news.
  • If you dreamed that you saw yourself swimming in the sea, this means harmony in relationship with a partner.

    What is the meaning of dreams about yourself according to Miller's dream book?
  • to see oneself from the side predicts the emergence of an opportunity to obtain valuable information;
  • seeing yourself older - means advancement on the career ladder;
  • seeing yourself as a small child - means deceit by a new friend;
  • being dead - illness and anxiety;
  • seeing yourself on the video - means trouble at work.

According to Freud, such a dream portends a short illness. To see oneself asleep in a dream (for men) predicts the appearance of strong feelings for a familiar woman; while doing sports - means getting a household or sports injury.

If a woman sees herself having a walk in a dream, this means she might have erotic fantasies about a man who is not free. If a woman saw herself dying in a dream, this means she will suffer from parting with a beloved person. Looking at your reflection in the mirror (for a woman) predicts an intimate offer from a colleague, Freud states.

    According to Vanga's dream book, the meaning of the dream is the following:
  • seeing oneself old predicts a promotion;
  • in childhood - means making a wise decision;
  • being ill with an incurable disease - means condemnation from close relatives;
  • from above - predicts a long and happy life.

    Interpretations of a dream according to Tsvetkov's dream book:
  • seeing oneself from the side predicts receiving long-awaited news;
  • being poor - wealth and longevity;
  • being rich - a long illness;
  • being sick - good health;
  • being tired - success in professional activities.

According to the medium Hasse, such a dream predicts a long and happy life with a loved one.

    Interpretations from Azar's dream book:
  • seeing yourself from the side in the forest predicts problems at work;
  • in the rain - death of a loved one;
  • being fat - the betrayal of a friend;
  • hunchbacked - business success.

According to the English dream book, seeing yourself with someone else’s eyes in a dream predicts an unexpected dismissal and unsuccessful attempts to find a high-paying job.

According to the meaning from the French dream book, such a vision portends poverty.