What Dream About Seagull Means

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Seagull Dream Meaning

The presence of a seagull in a dream often warns of some troubles. To dream of a flock of white seagulls at sea whirling with caught fish means that the dreamer will witness some very unpleasant events. They will disturb him greatly, but they will not touch him directly and will bypass.

If the seagull was flying high in your dream, the plot warns about receiving unpleasant news that will not be reflected on the dreamer’s life. If it was flying low, this message will be somehow related to him. When the seagull bites you in a dream - the unpleasant news will worsen the existence of the dreamer a lot.

These birds foreshadow business relationships with stingy partners who may behave dishonorably. One should be alert having common affairs.

Dead seagulls predict a long-lasting parting with your friends.

Dreams about seagulls usually predict some kind of troubles or illness. After such a plot in a dream you should pay close attention to the circumstances of your life, the people around you and try to improve what you can.

A dream about seagulls attacking you shows that you are experiencing mental overload, even mental distress is possible. You need to relax, put your thoughts and emotions in order.

If the gull bites someone of your relatives or acquaintances in a dream, there is a possibility that you can get sick.

If the gull was flying above your head, this is a warning of danger, you should behave more careful.

If a gull pecks food from your hands, you should be on your guard, because a dishonest person you are dealing with may be deceiving you.

A dream of a white seagull, circling over a pile of garbage is a sign that you have planned several projects, but you need to abandon them, because they will bring only a lot of problems.

Catching a seagull and holding it in your hands is a symbol of success in business. The interpretation of the dream of a seagull is favorable when it feeds on fish: it promises wealth, success, profit. However, if the sleeper fed her from his hands, he would be in trouble.

Being a seagull in a dream and flying freely personifies the action, the free potential, the favorable situation, which the dreamer, having shown determination, can turn to his advantage.