What Dream About Sarcophagus Means

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Sarcophagus Dream Meaning

A sarcophagus most often symbolizes oblivion and lost illusions in a dream. Why else is this rare and unusual image seen in dreams? Dream books offer several interpretations depending on the most striking details.

Did you dream of an ancient sarcophagus with carved symbols? The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation guarantees the solution of long-standing problems and great wealth.

The interpretation of a dream is so positive that it promises a prosperous future even for your children and grandchildren.

You can see the burial place in a dream as a sign of reading or writing a will. The same plot means that you can get an exhaustive answer to a question that has tormented you for a long time.

If you saw a stone sarcophagus of past times in a dream, you will know completely unexpected selflessness and loyalty of those around you in reality.

Sometimes the image promises the help of the Higher Powers. But being in a sarcophagus in a dream is bad. This is a sign of a dead end in life.

Did you dream that you were studying some kind of ancient tomb? It's time to educate yourself and learn something amazing.

Did you happen to look for a sarcophagus in an abandoned ruin? This means that some important truths will open to you in waking life. It is a symbol of spiritual knowledge, personality formation and renewal.

If you had a dream that you discovered an ancient burial during excavations, Vanga’s dream book predicts you will receive a lot of useful and very important information in a short period of time.

Have you found a strange sarcophagus on a city street in a dream? The plot of the dream hints that you will move to permanent residence in the homeland of your ancestors very soon.

Were you busy with excavations and did you find a very old cemetery? Psychologist Miller is sure: you are on the right track, hitherto unknown secrets and secrets will be revealed soon. In a more down-to-earth interpretation, it is a sign of impending change.

Did you see in a dream that you opened the sarcophagus personally? If someone's remains were found inside, this means you will find out a secret that has been hidden from you for a long time. Sometimes mummified remains predict a long journey.

Did you have a dream that you opened a huge box and found an almost decayed skeleton in it? Your plans will be disrupted by illness or unexpected incident. If in the night dream you did not manage to move the lid, expect disappointments and failures in real life.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on the details of the dream:
  • An empty coffin is a sign of danger.
  • A sarcophagus with remains means surprise.
  • To fall into a sarcophagus is a symbol of poverty, grief.
  • If the ancient tomb is decaying in a dream, this means illness.

It is good to see a relatively new sarcophagus in dreams. This means you will solve some riddle. If you dreamed about a dilapidated coffin, this is a sure sign you should not trust the first impression.

A very strange and unusual tomb, especially with aliens or creepy creatures, hints: something that you are very afraid of will happen.

Did you dream of a sarcophagus in which a world-famous person rests? This dream means you will get wealth that will plunge you into the abyss of intrigue and scandal.

Was the sarcophagus on fire in a dream? Dream Interpretation of Longo warns: you will face otherworldly evil or witchcraft in reality.

Did you happen to see that the room where the coffin is installed is filled with water? You will either go on a long journey, or find out something connected with distant ancestors.