What Dream About Saber Means

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Saber Dream Meaning

Saber in a dream is identified with courage. Interpreting dreams about bare saber, the dreambooks predict clash with opponents, in which the honor and dignity of a sleeping person will be affected.

In Miller's dream book, the dream of a saber is compared with the need to protect oneself. Breaking a saber in a dream means to gain unlimited happiness. Seeing a sword in someone else’s hands reflects your attitude to this person. Perhaps you think that this person does not cope with his obligations in reality, abuses his power.

The Gypsy’s dreambooks considers that to fight with the sword predetermines the conflict with business partners.

The bare blade in the hands is identified by Denise Lynn’s dreambook with emotional tension and instability. Most likely, in reality, a dreamer experiences a negative attitude towards a certain person. Your strained nerves can cause a grand scandal in which innocent people can suffer.

If you see someone wounded with a saber in a dream, you will have a quarrel with this person. Waving it in a dream heralds subconscious anxiety, fear of the dreamer.

According to Freud, a person waving a saber in a dream likes to exaggerate his sexual victories. Fighting on sabers is a symbol meaning threat to family happiness.

A young girl who dreamed of knightly armor and weapons, does not have enough romantic experiences in reality.

The dreamed cold weapon symbolizes the male sexual organ, therefore, to see a brilliant, beautiful piece means the dreamer’s excellent sexual health. Chipped, rusty saber, identifies problems with intimate organs, diseases. Broken saber says about the possible impotence.

According to Freud, if the girl was holding a saber in her hands in a dream, such plot speaks of her bisexuality. If you dreamed that a man gives this item to a girl, which means that in reality, the dreamer seriously considers her as a sexual partner. Receiving such gift from a woman speaks of dissatisfaction with intimate relationships.

If you found a saber, you should beware of danger coming from your close friends. To lose cold weapon says about the need to defend your honor and dignity.