What Dream About Torture Means

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Torture Dream Meaning

What it means if you were tortured in a dream? Torture in a dream indicates the difficulties that await the dreamer in the future. According to some dreambooks, this action indicates coming joy or relief at the end of a difficult period of life.

If you dreamed that you happened to be in the role of a torturer, torturing some person, this means, according to the version of the Family dreambook, that in reality you give this character a lot of trouble and inconvenience in reality. Seeing a loved one as a martyr means that your actions are reflected in his moral state.

Modern dreambook is very accessible explaining the meaning of dream about torturing and killing animals. Dreaming means that in reality you will resist an unworthy act towards a loved one with great difficulty.

Universal dreambook explains what dreams of murder and torture of people mean a little differently. The dreamed vision reminds of the evil conscience of the dreamer, the close misfortune that will befall in case of refusal to help people who turn to you for help.

Watching tortures and murder of other people in a dream predicts a serious illness. To see how a friend was tortured means that not only you will get sick, but also some of your relatives. Especially brutal, sophisticated torments in a dream foreshadow a rare, exotic disease.

Dream about torture of children means you should be reasonable and honest with others. According to Chinese interpreters interrogation with torture in a dream, promises the dreamer great happiness. To see children tortured means will suffer from their own carelessness.

If you dreamed that you yourself became a victim of cruel torture, which means, as the Modern interpreter says, the kindness and mercy of some person will play one of the important roles in your life.

Interpretation of the plot in the dream book of the Lovers implies painful experiences, unshared feelings, unhappy love or manifestation of hostility towards you.

    Miller gives the following interpretation of tortures in a dream:
  • Torturing someone – the plans that you had will fail;
  • You are being tortured – your friends’ intrigues will bring pain and disappointment;
  • Seeing a martyr – success will come after a long period of loss and deprivation;
  • Watching the torturers – your conscience calls for prudence.

Dr. Freud interprets such a dream from an account of the image in which the dreamer spoke. Were you were the torturer - the sexual claims of the sleeper are not limited to the classic love caress. Were a victim - the dreamer has sadomasochistic inclinations. Watching for torture - says about the incredible thirst to view pornography.

According to the Erotic Interpreter, to torture someone in a dream means to feel powerless and be angry about it.