What Dream About Toad Means

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Toad Dream Meaning

Modern dreambook argues that the big toad foreshadows a grand scandal associated most likely with love experiences. Girls should beware of such a dream, because it is possible that there will be a quarrel with a girlfriend because of a guy whom both of you like.

A huge toad in a dream is considered a warning for married women. The dreambooks recommend having a better look at your best friend, it is quite possible that she is the reason of bad relations between you and your spouse.

To see a toad in the house is a harbinger of tensions between relatives and friends, the cause of which will be the jealousy and envy of one of the family members.

For a girl who will receive a marriage proposal in the near future that dreamed of a toad, this can be a warning that her chosen one is likely to be jealous and despotic, life together with him will not resemble a fairy tale.

Killing a frog in a dream means falling under the condemnation of a crowd of people who do not share your personal views.

Simply putting your hand over a frog in a dream means involvement in the occurrence of problems with a close friend. If you dream that your palms are tightly pressed, this means you will commit meanness in reality.

Many toads seen in a dream predict a coming illness. This is also a sign of hearing many compliments that will turn to be false.

Miller believes that the frogs seen in a dream symbolize unlucky and silly adventures that can lead to unpleasant consequences. If a woman has a dream of a toad, she must be careful not to expose herself.

Holding a toad in your hands in a dream means that you have something to do with the death of someone close to you.

The Wanderer’s dreambook considers a toad or a frog a sign meaning that there is someone who envies you a lot in your life.

Hearing croaking in night dreams - to the probable praise from the management. Also, a similar story may portend an unexpected aversion to its intimate partner.