What Dream About Thunder Means

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Thunder Dream Meaning

    Thunder heard in a dream is a sign of news. What kind of news it will be we can find by dream details. Small details will help you get better interpretation of a dream:
  • If you were frightened of thunder in a dream – you will have worries in reality.
  • Admiring rattling weather – you will have good mood.
  • Walking during bad weather – victory over your fears.
  • Calling for thunder – a sign of boredom.

The dream interpreter Miller warned about frightening news for those who heard thunder in a dream. After such dream you should postpone your deals and try not telling anything bad about others because your actions will turn against you. A dream when you were scared of bad weather is a warning of scandals. Hearing rolls of thunder and being afraid to death in a dream is a sign of mental torments and worries, the Gypsies’ dreambook says. If you hear thunder rolls right above your head, this dream symbolizes that you know that you are guilty before someone; the best thing you can do in this situation is apologize. If you can hear bad weather behind the window but can not see it, this means that your close person is hiding something from you in order to protect you and your nerves, but you have already guessed and that makes you worry.

If you had a dream that you were hiding from thunder getting where you can not hear it (in the closet or under the bed) or turning on loud music, this is a sign of your tension. You should learn how to relax to avoid stresses. You can have a dream about heavy rain when you feel enough strength to fight the problems. Walking under heavy rain promises joyful emotions about overcoming your fears. Preacher Loff has another interpretation of a dream about running through puddles during heavy rain. Your goals will be achieved thanks to your friends’ support. The Eastern dreambook interprets walks under the rain as your wish to open your soul to somebody.

If you were watching thunder and admiring it through the window, this dream promises a bright event. If you were joyfully watching the rolls of thunder and lightning outside standing in the middle of the storm, your stubbornness and assertiveness will help you achieve the desired. If you were trying to take photo of thunder and lightning, this dream promises a bright event that will be very memorable. Trying to reconstruct thunder in laboratory indicates that you are lacking emotions and you are trying to make your life brighter.