What Dream About Tangling Up Means

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Tangling Up Dream Meaning

For a more accurate interpretation of what the plot in which you managed to get tangled in something, the dream book suggests recalling exactly what appeared on your way in a dream. Only in this way you will be able to understand whether it is worth taking any steps in reality or continuing to calmly “go with the flow”.

Here is what the Eastern Dream Book says: if the fishing line is tangled in a dream or you are tangled in it - this is a sign that you have an invisible connection with a certain person in your life. It can be either a true friend with whom it is impossible to quarrel under any circumstances, or a lover who reverently preserves the inviolability of relations with you from others.

But the dream book of the Yellow Emperor does not give such a rosy explanation as to why you dream of getting entangled in fishing gear: you are so “stuck” in relationships that it is very difficult for you to break out of them. It will be practically impossible to leave an unloved person on your own - this will require someone else's intervention.

If you dreamed that you were stuck in a cobweb and you could not get rid of it, this means that in reality you will fall into someone skillfully spaced networks.

It is possible you fell in love with an unworthy person who will live at your expense. If you see that the new gentleman does not even reach your idea of a “real man”, then you should run away from him without looking back.

You should also wait a while after a dream about getting tangled in spiderweb with the signing of contracts, making the deals - there is a risk of falling into financial bondage.

Do you want to understand why there is a dream that you are entangled in algae? The Wanderer Dream Interpretation claims that such a vision symbolizes the dreamer's stereotyped thinking and inability to make independent decisions.

It is difficult for you to evaluate the situation around you objectively, because you think in your usual stereotypes. Try to look at the situation from a different angle, “remove the blinkers” and look at the things around you in a different way.

Getting entangled in a thorny bush in a dream, deciding to go ahead in impassable thickets is a sign that you will encounter difficulties in achieving your goals.

In a dream, did you scratch to blood while trying to free yourself from thorn captivity? Pastor Loff's Dream Book warns you: friends or partners can betray you.

But if you see that the bushes through which you are trying to get are without thorns, then this is a hint that difficult situations should not be avoided - overcoming them, you will gain valuable experience.

Explaining what dreams of getting tangled in the curtains mean, dream books claim that such plots symbolize the existence of mysteries in the person’s life.

If you dreamed that you wandered among the many rows of theatrical backstage and could not find a way out of there, getting confused, this means you should keep your secrets, otherwise they will become public.

Did you take off the curtains in order to wash them in a dream, and got entangled in them? Such dream means that someone close, entrusting you with secret information, will doom you to a painful state. Conscience and a sense of duty will fight in you (there is a possibility that someone else's secret will not be completely legal).

    In various dream books you can find a lot of information about what dreams of getting tangled mean. Here is what a number of cases when you are tangled predict:
  • in hunter's snares - you can become a victim of a fraudster;
  • in strings - someone will surround you with care and attention, there is a chance to fall in love;
  • in barbed wire - you will part with your lover, he will become disgusting to you;
  • in calculations - tune in to a stubborn struggle with circumstances;
  • in a ball of snakes - serious, even somewhat dangerous, trials await you.