What Dream About UFO Means

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UFO Dream Meaning

Regardless of where you saw the UFO, in a dream or reality, this symbol is connected with mystery and unknown. The majority of dreambooks promise surprises and unexpectancies. To see a UFO in your dream may signify your desires to find your spiritual purpose in life.

To see a UFO in the sky is a sign that you the next few months you will have a number of new acquaintances and meetings with people whom you haven’t seen for a while. This interpretation is especially correct if you saw a big and nice UFO. If a young woman sees UFO newcomers, this dream means she will soon meet a man who will fall in love with her and become her husband. If there were many newcomers in her dream, she may even be choosing from several candidates.

A dream about watching the UFO and feeling fear this dream indicates that you will have problems understanding how to behave in a situation in reality. Seeing a UFO landing promises guests. If you saw kidnapping by UFO the dream shows that you will betray your partner and cheat on him in reality. Do not make that irrecoverable mistake.

Other dreambooks think that seeing a dream about UFO promises you some sign in real life. You have now lost faith in kindness, in yourself, but you will soon have a sign that luck is close, the dream promises hope. If the UFO newcomers who kidnapped you were trying to communicate, the dream states that some ill-wishers are starting gossip against you.

An attack of the UFO on Earth is a sign of trouble and trials. If the attack finished with the victory of earthlings it means that you will overcome all the difficulties and will even get some profit. In case of the reverse outcome of the fight, you shouldn’t expect success soon. According to Miller the dream promises luck and success at work and in romance.