What Dream About Words Means

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Words Dream Meaning

How to understand different words and expressions in your dream? If in a dream you heard a word, especially pronounced loudly or several times, be sure to remember it, popular dream books recommend. After all, it can mean a hint that you need so much in real life. Why such dreams are seen and what you should pay special attention to is the topic of our article.

    If you remembered little from the dream - it is not a problem, remember at least specific actions:
  • Hearing clear phrases in a dream - you will not have difficulty in anything.
  • To say some phrases yourself - there is a serious conversation ahead.
  • Reading lyrical lines aloud is a symbol of sensory relationship.
  • If someone utters incomprehensible words - warnings about danger.
  • To pick up a rhyme - playfulness and frivolity.

According to Miller, if in a dream you hear loud alarming words – this means it is not so far away when you will hear about the illness of a relative.

Saying something in raised voice is a dream is a bad omen, promising an accusation against you of excessive talkativeness and verbiage.

The interpretation of the dream, in which you heard curses addressed to you, warns that not everyone wishes you well.

Hearing beautiful expressions means great happiness, as they prophesy prosperity, Pastor Loff's dream book pleases.

But to find out why you are dreaming that you are saying something quiet and pleasant to someone, you can look into Miss Hasse's dream book. And it will tell you this: a gentle whisper from one’s own lips in a dream means life's grace. Everything you dream about will come true!

The word "beloved", pronounced by a guy in a girl's dream, promises the dreamer happiness in love. And to hear a lot of words about feelings predicts a wedding.

Dreaming about taunts and swearing is a sign of unpleasant conversations. If you dreamed that you were shouting obscenities - difficulties await you in understanding with others.

Are a lot of sharp and insulting words addressed to you? Think about it! This means you are not fair to someone in reality.

If someone dreams that you are participating in a conversation consisting of swearing - be prepared for an unpleasant dialogue with someone from whom you did not expect any dirty tricks.

To pick up a rhyme to a swear word in a dream – means you may insults people close to you.

What does it mean if you are reading words and phrases the definition of which is not known to you? According to Lunar dreambook, this is a symbol of longing and boredom.

But the word "love" or the word "death" inscribed in huge letters on the wall of your house portend either good mood or universal sadness - it depends on what you see.

Reading poetic rhymes written by a poet or poetess, who is in love with you, in your notebook – means you will not be bored, Medea's dream book promises.

If you dreamed that you see a mythical character in front of you who utters phrases you do not understand – this plot promises an unexpected but pleasant visit of a stranger.

To see a wonderful dream in which you speak some strange and unfamiliar dialect – means that what was a mystery to you will become clear.

If you want to tell interesting news in a dream, but you cannot say a word, something will greatly surprise and delight you.

If you dreamed that you can't say what you want, but at the same time you see that the interlocutor already understood everything – this plot promises wonderful events, the Women's Dream Book predicts.

Telling or asking a password in a dream is a sign of mistrust. Telling the guardsman a password in a dream - means someone is trying to find out your trade secret. If you forgot your password, this dream predicts problems at work.