What Dream About Woman Means

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Woman Dream Meaning

To see a woman in a dream is the same as wise advice from above, because this fragile earthly creature has a huge inner core, which not every strong man can boast of.

A woman is a born actress; it is very foolish to wait for explanation of the reasons for appearing in a dream from her. Even if a specific message was sounded from the lips of a night visitor, a clearly formulated prophecy - dream books are advising not to flatter oneself. The lady intends to confuse and mislead you.

    The image in which you dream of a woman can be deceiving. The said phrases are veiled. But dream books are always ready to help figure out the mischievous person and find the correct interpretation of the pictures that were seen in a dream. What does a woman in the following guises means:
  • Beautiful, with bright makeup – seduction, meanness;
  • Ugly, crooked – squabbles, slander;
  • Old, weak – losses, poverty;
  • Fat, obese – problems in the family;
  • Skinny, thin – treachery, betrayal;
  • Young woman – creative impulses.

If married people dream of a red-haired woman, hung from head to toe with shiny, ringing jewelry – your marriage will be tempted outside the family. If a real lady-lover appeared in your dream beaten, badly wounded, the secret relationship was destined to end abruptly without leaving a trace.

Catching your chosen one with other beloved passions, exposing the traitors – is a sign of burning passion, sophisticated sexual experiments. Enigma Dream Interpretation warns: to visit a witch in a dream with the goal of doing a love spell or inducing spoilage – you will be very disgraced in reality, and lose people's trust.

The deceased visited you in a dream - you will find a gold mine, start earning serious money, and stop saving. However, the dream book repeats: do not forget whom you need to thank for you luck.

Miller's dream book advises to be careful about a woman with blurry outlines seen in a dream. If you really can’t make out the face and figure, this means you are chasing after ghostly happiness, wasting time. In a whisper in your ear, she makes barely audible speeches - a person around you twists you around his finger and lures you into spaced networks.

Vanga’s dream interpretation insists: to have a dream about a young lady in a long skirt to the floor – is a symbol of continuation of your family. You should gather numerous relatives around the round table more often - the connection will become much stronger. What does a woman in trousers symbolize in a dream? Disorders and mutual accusations between blood relatives are coming.

The Islamic dream book is concerned about the midnight appearance of a woman with a shawl on her head – there may be a case of theft or other unpleasant situation that causes suspicion in the house.

Why does the guy dream about a woman with a male penis or a guy with girlish genitals? You will experience a strong emotional shock and will not be able to recover from shock for a long time. After this, it’s hard to learn to trust again.

What does a dwarf woman mean in a dream? An unforgettable adventure awaits you. Having sex with a midget in a dream – you are carefully hiding the disgusting fact about yourself, keep silent about some sin. A lady with a shaved head, completely bald will bring disappointment, regret about past deeds. You will greatly repent.

To see a black woman or a mulatto – is a symbol of new sensations. An unplanned stormy romance or a spontaneous trip to places previously unexplored is likely. To dance together means to do things unusual for you.

If a man sees two beautiful seductive women are lying in bed with him, this is a sign of treacherous colleagues or unfaithful wife.

Why does a girl dream that a toothless, disgusting old woman, who knows how to tell fortunes, began to pester you on the street? You are destined to be tormented by painful thoughts, to diminish your significance, to be modest.

Washing the feet of an opponent – means revealing a conspiracy, discovering lies. Lively communication with the spouse's alleged sweetheart - convicts the sleeping woman in a tendency to baseless fantasies. If a woman is kissing another woman in a dream – you will participate in a frank conversation or experience a vivid love adventure.

How do dream books interpret abuse and mockery of the beautiful half of humanity? To beat up the unfortunate lady, but not to observe injuries and blood - shameful incidents will come out, which will have to be explained.

Involuntarily becoming a killer and looking for where to hide the corpse - the secret will be revealed and will bring significant trouble. To meet a bloodied victim praying for help - to be imbued with other people’s compassionate stories in which there is not a single gram of truth.

    To get together in a fight with a woman and win the fight – you will glorify your name, acquire status, and become recognizable. Why does one dream of such a reprisal with a rival:
  • Drowning – you will earn pride of your family;
  • Choking her – people are afraid of you;
  • Shutting a woman – you will make a difficult decision;
  • Cutting a rival – you will refuse from something;
  • Poisoning – you will get into a hole dug by you.

It happens in a dream that you hear a woman talking, but you cannot see the owner of the voice itself. According to dream books, this happens if the sleeping person is alone in his sorrows, and there is no one to share his current troubles with.

A screaming woman promises a marital quarrel because of finance. They heard delicious melodious singing - this is a warning about an erroneous course. Conceived steps will not lead to the desired result, they will only add trouble. A whole choir sings - your calculations are irrational, and the trustee is soul-catching.

If an unknown woman spoke in a dream with affection, courtesy - beware of people offering dubious endeavors.

Dream Interpretations say: to enter into an intimate relationship with a woman in a dream means to cross the line, to drop your principles. Something will happen that you did not expect from yourself. For a guy, a dream means a conflict with a dear friend. For a girl dream books prophesy a temptation, an affair.

A stripped naked woman of impressivenaked breast size predicts a major deal that will run like clockwork. Having seen this in a dream, feel free to solve issues with the purchase or sale of real estate.

A half-naked girl who has been sexually abused is a dangerous dream. The sleeper will be involved in a vile story, other participants of which will come out dry from the water. Participating in an orgy with several women – means to put a dark spot on your reputation.

A gift from a woman received in a dream has the deepest meaning. The subject will display the future, give a hint, teach you what to expect. A rich lady persistently offers you money, jewelry - do not show off your income, protect your wallet from prying eyes.

The benefactor’s hand is dirty, with broken nails - you will need the participation of an influential person, patronage, recommendation. Taking scissors from the lady’s hands and cutting her hair means passing away of a respected person. Getting a flower as a gift - you will be jealous of your soulmate.

Receiving a slap in the face – means to scandal in vain. Anyway, each of the arguing will remain with their beliefs.

    What it means when a woman gives you:
  • Food – beware of what you received for free;
  • Knife – fatal passion, obsession;
  • Key – you will find out a secret;
  • A piece of clothes – people are slandering and discussing you.

Dream Interpretations teach to be careful with plots in which a woman takes an innocent image and visually does not bear any threat. But why does one dream of a lady appearing in the guise of a black, sinister power?

A demon hypnotizing you with a slumbering gaze suggests that there is a pernicious connection with a wicked person in reality. The devil himself tried on the face of a beautiful girl - you will have a continuous streak of luck, but do not think that this is forever, do not tempt fate.

According to the dream book, a ghost woman will make you take care of your health or surround a sick relative with kindness. If skinny death came in a hoodie - do not be afraid that it is time to die. An important sign has been sent from above - do not be selfish, show compassion for others.

Dream Interpretations predict: to see a pregnant woman - to prosperity and abundance. If the future mother came to your house - the money flow will not stop. Helping a woman during childbirth – means opening the door to a stream of wealth.

If you began to quarrel with a pregnant woman – be afraid to be considered stingy in reality. The stranger claims that she became pregnant from you - loud news will stir the whole family.

Acquaintance with a woman who is expecting a baby promises success. Why does one dream of stroking her tummy? You will attract large-scale luck, win unbending authority.

Dream Interpretations also offer this option: to observe a slender woman with a luxurious figure from the back, and then finding signs of pregnancy in her - to break a big jackpot. A wealthy patron will appear, able to deal with your hardships and give a chance for a better future.