What Dream About White Crow Means

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White Crow Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of a white crow, Miller’s dream book proposes to think about your lifestyle. A lot of myths and mysteries are already collected around it. Sometimes, to see a white crow in a dream means sorrows, troubles, and sometimes - this is a sign of the end of the black stripe.

If you dreamed of a white crow that was croaking not far from your home, you should expect trouble. It is quite possible that the bird foreshadowed poorness or illness of the dreamer.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus speaks of the symbolism of what one saw and heard in a dream. Most often a white crow in a dream represents annoying neighbors, distant relatives that will not allow you live in peace. They will burden you with their morals, convictions. Felomena’s dreambook warns that some secrets will be revealed and put on display.

It is a bad sign to see a dream about white raven knocking at your window. Someone from the family will require your help soon. There is a risk to get sick, get into an accident, survive a catastrophe; have unreasonable fears, anxieties, sadness if you saw a white raven in your dream.

If the bird was sitting on your arm or other body part, this image means you should try not making hasty conclusions about the actions of relatives, comrades, colleagues, partners. And do not rush to make important decisions. There is a huge risk of making a mistake, going the wrong way, succumbing to temptation. Correcting your own mistakes will be very difficult.

If you happened to see a white raven that got into the room or building in a dream - get ready to meet relatives from afar, who arrived without warning.

Some dreambooks think that the main character of what is happening will not be you personally, but someone from the inner circle. You will just get involved in other people's secrets, problems, unpleasant proceedings.

A very large and blatant raven is a harbinger of domestic quarrels. Long-hateful relationships will be destroyed quickly and painlessly. But people who want to save love will have to try very hard.

If the crow attacks and bites you in a dream, this plot means there will be big problems in relations with your boss.