What Dream About Whale Means

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Whale Dream Meaning

To dream of a whale means to get the opportunity to get in touch with the noosphere, the Esoteric dreambook thinks.

According to Aesop, seeing a while whale in a dream is a sign of great luck which you certainly deserve. At the same time, the dream does not deny the possibility of scare away this luck. The interpreter advises not to be afraid of changes, since the dream of white whales symbolizes purity and invincibility. The image promises that an exceptional event will happen in your life soon and, quite possibly, we are talking about a wedding.

It is possible that the happiness is near you just do not notice it at the moment.

A dream about a flock of orcas has quite different interpretation since these animals are predators. Universal dreambook promises that you will soon receive a tempting offer, but whether you accept it or not - you decide.

Grishina’s dreambook warns the dreamer of upcoming anxieties and troubles, but at the same time leaves a chance to steer the situation in his favor.

This dream reminds you that you should count on yourself, not to give empty promises and, if possible, not to slander.

If you dream that a flock of orcas surrounded the ship, you should expect ridicule and gossip around your person.

If you happened to swim with a whale in the open sea, you may consider this a sign of coming changes for the better. In order to achieve these changes you will have to put some efforts.

The Wanderer’s dreambook states that since you saw such magnificent animal in your dream, you can expect no less ambitious events.

For expectant mothers such a dream foreshadows a successful childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby.

If you dreamed that the whale responded very unfriendly to your attempt of swimming together, it warns you of possible problems or obstacles in business.

Friendly-minded whales are forerunners of events of the same large scale as themselves. The Italian dreambook believes that these creatures promise unexpected help, which will be very useful or a fateful meeting.

If the whale showed his tail, this means that all the predictions promised above may pass by.

If the dream that the whales are trying to attack your ship, it means that you will have to make a difficult choice soon. The plot, in which the aggressor is defeated, indicates the readiness to overcome any adversity.

If a whale jumped ashore, this image predicts a disaster.