What is the meaning of dream about buying food

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dream about buying food is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about buying food have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about buying food, often discouraged about their lives.

women dream about buying food, will suffer.

dream about didn't buy food, make a fortune.

dream big in the supermarket to buy food, said the relationships better. Especially the intercourse between friends more closely. Holiday will visit each other, together for an outing, may will be more and more busy.

dream about lack of food, predict to wealth, make a lot of money, have ample food and clothing, comfortable and rich life.

dream about rich food, suggest you may have discouraged, need to fill the spiritual loss. In addition, women dream about a lot of food, also suggested that may encounter the economic crisis, the pinch, life some embarrassment.

if you can recall specific types of food, such as rice, ham, vegetable, also please see further specific food.

dream about excitant food, onion, ginger, garlic, leeks, suggests that may have an accident, or a quarrel and fight, to be vigilant.

dreamed that he would like to eat something, only to find food deterioration can't eat, such a dream, on the one hand, suggested that your inner potential fear in sex; May signal, on the other hand, you will be sick, recent should pay attention to body health, such as discomfort, best to go to the hospital check in time.

the above is my analysis of dream about buying food is good, have what meaning, want to help you.