What Dream About Waves Means

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Waves Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about storming sea or other water reservoir, the dreambooks will help you understand the meaning of your dream. Waves seen at night usually predict troubles and obstacles in real life. The dream interpreters advise postponing solving important issues, not starting new ventures and not signing any contracts now.

If the wave covered you with your head in a dream, this is a warning about an illness or big troubles. If you managed to swim out this dream plot promises solving your problems soon. Big waves can symbolize changes in life; depending on the water color, the changes can be positive or negative. The brighter and clearer the water was in your dream, the more favorable time is coming. Huge waves inform you about being ready for cardinal life changes and most unexpected events.

Tsunami seen in a dream advises you paying attention to your health and wellbeing of people you care about. Stormy waves are associated with worries and anxiety. It is the sign that you will get what you want after dealing with a number of hardships. According to Miller, very high waves symbolize professional activity: the higher the waves were in your dream, the more work you will have to do soon. The clearer the water was, the easier it will be for you to deal with the tasks.

If the waves in your dream were calmly rolling on the seashore, you can expect a calm and hasteless life. If you had a dream about quiet sea waves, you will have a distant trip soon. Water splashing calmly at your feet in a dream gives you a chance to change a lot in your life. Waves rolling loudly predict shallow talks and gossip.

Swimming in the waves is a very favorable sign of pleasant news and events. If you were standing on the shore and watching a stormy sea, you should pay attention to your state of mind: stresses can do a lot of harm. A dream about waves on the ocean symbolizes a decisive step, you will have to trust your intuition and take a risk. A dream about waves hitting the rocks is a negative sign bringing problems and bad news. Waves with foam warn about gossip, intrigues, gossip and secrets.