What Dream About Water Broke Means

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Water Broke Dream Meaning

If you are a pregnant lady and are getting ready to give birth to a wonderful baby, then there is nothing surprising that you dreamed that your waters have broken. If you are not thinking about having children yet, or if you are a man, then you should seriously take up deciphering night vision.

The vision in which your water is breaking basically has a purely symbolic meaning. The only exception is real pregnancy. In this case, the dream is a reflection of fears and worries. And it can be seen by a lady due to deliver, or her relatives regardless of gender. According to the dream book, it only says that you are looking forward to the upcoming event with great impatience.

Another popular interpretation of the dream book convinces that a dream, in which the waters of a pregnant woman have broken, promises her serious changes. That, in general, is quite expected.

But if you are not planning to have a baby, to give an exact interpretation of such plot, you need to remember: in night dreams, you do not have to see the event itself, in some cases it is enough to feel something coming out of you.

By the way, they can simply tell you that your water has broken or you will understand that this happened due to other details of the dream. You can only feel the joy and tranquility, or vice versa sadness and disappointment. But how to interpret this event in a dream?

Seeing yourself or another person pregnant is very good. Such a dream certainly promises a change for the better, the beginning of a new business, an acquisition that you have long dreamed of, etc. Pregnancy also symbolizes the idea that the dreamer is carrying, and therefore can easily be dreamed by any person. In this light, a vision in which the waters of a pregnant woman, or even a man, have broken, acts as a warning that everything will end soon. And your own feelings and type of excreta will tell you about the nature of future events.

In general, such a dream must be interpreted as an image symbolizing the completion of something. If your water broke in the night plot, the dream book recommends recalling what problem has been bothering you lately. It is this question that the interpretation of the dream will concern.

Be sure to pay attention to your own feelings. Did you dream that you experienced a sense of joy and relief? The solution to the problem will bring you deserved peace. If in a dream it was painful and unpleasant for you, then the dream book believes that the issue will be resolved long and painfully.

Initially, the dream book recommends recalling the quality of the water that broke. If the pregnant woman had clear and pure excreta, then the future will be bright and happy.

But to see the dirty liquid, interspersed with blood and mucus, according to the dream book is not very good. There is a direct correlation here; the dirtier the water was dreamed, the worse everything will turn out to be in reality.

The interpretation of a dream also depends on the amount of water that has broken. So scarce secretion foreshadows failures and expenses, and abundant excretion promises pleasant efforts and serious profits.