What Dream About Washing Machine Means

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Washing Machine Dream Meaning

Once upon a time washing clothes was considered a difficult and lengthy process. And not only in reality, but also in a dream. And it meant a hard and thankless job. However, with the advent of washing units, everything changed and the interpretation of dreams, too. Now, trying to understand what dreams of a washing machine mean, many dream books argue that such a dream is a symbol of purification and joy.

If you dreamed of washing clothes in the washing machine - to a long struggle, which, fortunately for the dreamer, will end in his complete victory. But if the machine washes your underwear - most likely, you have something to be ashamed of and what to hide from prying eyes and ears. It is especially bad, if the clothes were very dirty - gossip will come down on you.

If a woman dreams that she takes out a clean and pleasant-smelling bed set from the “washer”, this is a symbol of high and passionate feelings.

If you dreamed that you were watching how an automatic machine washes clothes - a clear sign that something is bothering you. But to wash the laundry, not only your own, but someone else's - a sign that you need a "shoulder" of a friend. The time has come to "pour out the soul," the Lunar dreambook says.

Tsvetkov’s dream book disagrees with it. According to his version, to wash the laundry of another person, even if not with your hands, but in an automatic washing machine, means you will help your friend through difficult times.

Wondering why you had to wash clothes with your hands if there was a washing machine nearby? It's simple - you are afraid that your secrets will be known to all.

If you dream of daily washing the clothes that you wear every day, do not expect that success will be long. Your achievements will be forgotten very soon.

But what it means to do the laundry in the "washer" on fast mode - do not waste time, you will not be able to leave a trace in someone's memory. Especially if a woman has a dream like that.

Do you see how the washing machine made a lot of foam because of the fast mode? The interpretation of such dream is straightforward: no one will notice your success because of the excessively raised hype.

For someone who doubts his own abilities, a dream about five-minute rinse is a superfluous proof of his cowardice and laziness.

The night dream, in which the new washing machine was bought, has a positive meaning. Good luck and joy will break into your everyday life, Spring Dream Book predicts. If you dreamed of buying a machine as a gift , this means delight for a girl; and surprise for a man.

For those people who appreciate friendship, to see how someone like the washing machine you have chosen, this is a sign of prosperity and profit.

The dream that the washing machine broke predicts a quarrel with someone from colleagues. And if you bought a new washer, and it turned out to be broken - beware of set-ups from the envious, the dream book of the White Magician recommends.

But another dream-book, Eastern, asserts that a dream in which the water flowed from under the washer during the spin regime, predicts gossip. And if the foam was pouring out, this means conflict because of false talk about you.

Turning on the machine in a dream and seeing that it beats tough foam instead of the usual process - to a very loud and resonant scandal.