What Dream About Walking Naked Means

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Walking Naked Dream Meaning

Walking naked in a dream is not a good sign. According to many dream books, such a dream promises illness and trouble. However, if you want to know for sure what such a dream means, before you begin to interpret, remember whether people around you saw you or not, and how you felt about it.

    Do not be sad if you cannot remember what you saw in a dream. If you remember at least a small part, the dream books will help you with the interpretation of what you saw in a dream.
  • Walking naked or with naked breasts and being proud of it is a sign of ailment.
  • Trying to cover up your nudity - to major conflicts.
  • To see that not only you are naked, but everyone around you as well - secrets will be revealed.
  • Illness does not give you the opportunity to wear clothes - to a misunderstanding.

According to Miller, walking naked in a dream and not being shy about it predicts unseemly thoughts and deeds. But if you suddenly find out that you walk around the city naked - the nobility of your feelings will come across a desire for forbidden passion.

Are you interested in why a girl dreams that she walks naked in front of a man or with bare breasts and enjoys this? She will achieve her goal, but she will not be able to maintain her position.

If a woman dreams that she walks naked on the street and is very ashamed of her body, because it is not perfect, her reputation will suffer, Lunar Dreambook predicts. It is especially bad if all this happened in front of a man whom she finds attractive - he will believe some gossip.

Are you feeling embarrassed that you had to walk naked down the street, although no one notices this? You will witness a conflict in which it is better not to intervene, because you will make yourself worse.

If you dreamed that you were blushing because your friend was walking half naked, this plot predicts a quarrel with him.

To be proud of your half-naked body is a symbol of disease, the Eastern Dream Book predicts. And the dream book of Pastor Loff believes that if a dreamer admired his nakedness in a dream and walked half naked around the street with an important look, this indicates his vulnerable nature. It is very difficult for him to put up with injustice.

Walking naked in order to boast of your perfect forms - to a protracted illness with possible complications.

If you dreamed that you went crazy and walk naked, but with a closed face - this means that you are very shy and do not know how to keep a conversation, especially with strangers.

Are you walking naked due to the sensitivity of the skin, which itches from contact with the tissue? Such a dream warns that you should not get to know anyone in the near future.

If you dream that you were undressed at the examination by a doctor – is a sign of misunderstanding. Do not try to prove anything to anyone in the near future – you will ruin your nerves and create difficulties for yourself and your opponent.

If you dreamed that you work in a striptease and daily expose yourself to the public, the dream means that you will have a difficult period at work, when troubles will replace one another.

The interpretation of the dream in which you work as a model and pose for a photographer or artist is not pleasing - you will be reduced or fined, the Female Dream Book distresses.