What Dream About Yellow Roses Means

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Yellow Roses Dream Meaning

European and Eastern dream interpreters give different explanations of dreams about yellow roses. For the first ones yellow is the color of coming separation; while the East considers yellow the color of wealth.

    The dream details will help you get better interpretation of the night images:
  • Breathing in the scent of flowers – is a promise of cloudless happiness;
  • A guy who you feel attracted to gave them to you – you want relations but are afraid of them;
  • A guy whom you do not like gave them to you – you will change your opinion about him in real life;
  • Growing them in your garden – you will get rich soon;
  • Picking up yellow roses – separation with someone close to you.

Fragrant rose bushes in a dream is a symbol of meeting a person with whom you parted a long time ago. Seeing a lot of rose buds on the bush means that you are attracting this person; blooming flowers represent deep feelings that will not cool down even during separation.

Faded yellow or white flowers are stating that you do not have a partner because you do not want to have relations.

Admiring fire-yellow roses means easy money, according to the Eastern dreambook. The dreamer will not have to put any efforts to earn it; this may be a present or lottery winning. Other dreambooks predict getting apart with your beloved one.

If someone gives you a bouquet of yellow roses, this can mean separation with your partner, or some problems among happiness; other interpreters predict tears. If the dreamer himself gave a bouquet of roses, this means that harmony in relations will depend on him.

It is a negative image if you see a delivery man bringing you a bouquet of small yellow roses from an unknown sender. This dream predicts sorrows and sadness, especially if the flowers were a little bit faded.