What Dream About Yellow Color Means

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Yellow Color Dream Meaning

Noticing yellow color in a dream speaks about striving for improvement. Dream interpretation books give reason to look into the future with optimism. If a piercing yellow color prevailed in the dream palette, Denise Lynn’s dreambook notes the dreamer's positive mood and emotionality. The dream foreshadows success in business due to high efficiency, initiative and discipline.

The dreambooks pay attention to the exceptional creative potential and organizational talents of the dreamer. If you dreamed of sunny colors, you can overcome snobbery, give up contempt for others.

Sheremenskaya’s dreambook associates bright yellow color with wealth and power. The dream predicts financial success and high social status. If you wanted to take a leadership position - now is the most favorable moment for decisive steps in this direction.

In Buddhist symbolism, the noble golden yellow - the color in which the monks' clothes are painted - occupies a special place in the interpretation of dreams. Such dream means that the person will live in harmony with the world and his principles.

But bright poisonous shades predict that a person will show low qualities - petty jealousy and anger, which will provoke the betrayal of former comrades.

Seeing clothes of yellow shades, from lemon to golden color predicts the upcoming celebration and successful projects.

But if you dreamed that you were wearing yellow clothes that were glowing, shimmered like a radiant light, you should be ready for some sad event or failure in business.

Esoteric dreambook predicts dramatic changes in fate - leaving the profession for new areas, the development of spiritual practices.

To see an acquaintance with an unnaturally yellow face in a dream means that you should not trust him. If it was someone from your relatives, he will be pursued by diseases.

To paint the car in golden color predicts weather change.

To dream of yellow flowers means parting with your beloved because of his infidelity.

Seeing yellow autumn leaves in a dream and feeling the atmosphere of piece and withering is a symbol of searching new sources of inspiration. You will find the strength to start everything from scratch and successfully move forward.

Golden leaves in a dream also personify lost hope.