What Dream About Zombie Means

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Zombie Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about zombies, apocalypses or other frightening images after watching a scary movie or reading a horror book, this night plot has an absolutely neutral meaning and is just a reflection of seen or read episodes.

Sometimes the dreambooks interpret this image literally – someone is trying to manipulate you, in other words he is trying to make a zombie from you. The dream can also hint at your habit to interfere into other people’s lives without asking, even for the best reason. If you are running away from zombie not for the first time in a dream, this plot reflects lack of understanding among a definite group of people.The dreambooks assume that you feel like fish out of water and other people scare or alarm you. This image can be generated in your dream not randomly, you may really turn to be in a bad company.

If a person whom you know very well was under threat to turn into zombie, you shouldn’t be surprised when you have misunderstandings with him in real life. The dreambooks indicate that this person’s behavior can suddenly change, and not for the best. If you turned into zombie in a dream this means that you do not know how to be in harmony with yourself. In reality you often imagine yourself another person living another life.

According to Miller, a zombie in a dream symbolizes problems with communication. You should not be worried because of this plot: even the most communicative person sometimes feels not comfortable in society. The only warning the dreambook gives is that you may not do your best during a public speech or important negotiation. If you have opportunity to postpone this, you should better wait for a more favorable period.

The dream can also have a figurative meaning that someone from your surrounding doesn’t mind making use of your energy resources. Contacts with people who have negative influence on you can lead to serious problems.