Dreaming about not being able to get a car

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Dreaming about  not being able to get a car is very anxious, mistakes in management skills or your recent actions in your career, it is difficult to get the recognition of others, and it is more difficult to develop your career.

The single man was anxious that he could not get a taxi. Those who have had this dream have recently had different ideas with others in their careers, and they have a lot of disputes with others over minor issues in their careers. However, your two people have different ideas and have a negative impact on your career.

A single woman who has this dream. If your career has a positive conflict with others, it will be particularly unfavorable to your career development. However, if your ideas are too self-conflicting, you will have a positive conflict with others. Your career situation will be unfavorable. You must not share your personal ideas. Imposing it on the other person is even worse for your career.

Those who seek money abroad have this dream, and go west to auspiciously, and eastward to auspiciously.