Dream about hip-hop is what mean

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dream street dance is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about hip-hop have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

street dance is based on different street culture or music style and produce many different kinds of dance. Most of the street dance is very rock, and full of passion. In dreams, street dance is the symbol of expressing emotions in my heart, a lot of time is a reflection of a passion.

dream about see street dance show, said he will become infected with the enthusiasm of friends, the recent work is satisfactory.

dreaming that I jump street dance, indicates his latest will get good reward.

dreamed that he was hurt in the breakdance, indicates his body accident may occur.

dream about learning dance, means that their life will have significant change.

dream about dance with strange women, should be vigilant, don't fool by strangers casually.

dream about women are dancing, suggest you will be rich, or get promoted.

a woman if the dream about man in the dance, suggested that will marry rich men.

dream about masquerade, you usually wear clothes at the party, said what do you think of their true.

dream about old people are dancing, means that your business or career will be more brilliant prospects.

dreamed that a group of children in joyfully dancing, if you are married, means that you will have a pleasant and comfortable family life, and cute, clever, clever child. Said if you are single, you will have a easy job, enjoy a lot of fun.

dream about dancing scene, often signals is good luck to you, received the good news. According to the views of psychoanalysis, dream also symbolizes the courtship dance or sexual intercourse.

the above is my analysis of dream about hip-hop is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.