Dream about a people's congress (NPC) sing songs is what mean

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dream about a person is good singing loudly, what's the meaning of ? Dream about a person singing loud have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

singing dreams reveal the dreamer's heart to show in front of self or secret desire of character charm.

dreaming that I am a man in singing loud, indicate that you have a desire to express themselves in front of everyone, heart envy those social star, hope to be able to talk, as much as they attract the attention of people. But you don't introverted and confidence, in front of others, will can't help but inner constraint, thus often retreat.

dream about singing, others are auspicious, soon there will be a good news.

dream about and friends to sing, said you healthy and happy.

dream about two people sing the song together, suggesting that the dreamer hope to have partners.

if you dream about singing. Everybody clap for you that you hope love will get you recognition and support.

dreamed someone singing that you want to receive the good news. Husband dreamed that his wife singing, said the family harmony, happiness of life, to be in a good mood.

unmarried women dream about singing loudly, and indicated that you will come to friends and family wedding, or are about to meet her lover.

married women dream about singing, predict to conceive, and bear children.

if the wife dream about husband sing, have a son also hinted at.

above is my analysis dreamed someone singing is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.