Dreamed that the President is what mean

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dreamed that the President is good, what's the meaning of ? Dream about the President have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about President, on the one hand, says you have close to prosperity, power of wealth, honor and fame of desire; On the other hand, also said you will bear the responsibility, inherit the sorrow and trouble.

dream about shaking hands with the President, indicate that you would be a nice people that will help to achieve your heart's desire; But if by chance you want to become rich, you will be red, perhaps can have unexpected huge wealth come immediately.

dream about hail to the chief, suggest you will receive a good news, is likely to get promoted, or more important transferred overseas department, fully display your ability and talent.

dream about the President, the prime minister will be like a friend, or asking for your opinion, suggest you hope in your heart and parents or work life important authority to establish a close relationship, trust, or the direction of your hopes can be entrusts with an important task.

dream took the files or other items from the hand of the President, suggest you all the time since the effort, and make a contribution, will receive leadership recognition, get promoted, or recognition, rewards, etc., and was the admiration of the people.

the above is my analysis of dreamed that the President is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.